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  1. 2012 focus mk3 drivers side fog lamp.

    Following on from this i now have the lamp. However i dont have a manual at this time. So does anyone know how to get access to replace the damaged lamp please.  Ive looked at youtube videos but there isnt many and none of them make it clear. I did see one that suggested you slid a card down the side of the bumper and fog lamp bezel then pull the trim piece off but ive tried that with no luck. Is it a case of taking the under tray off?   Thanks Adrian    
  2. hi all   I did and oil change this morning and whilst i was on the floor i noticed the drivers fog light has been hit by a stone. There is now 2 lovely big cracks and a small hole. So this clearly needs replacing Does any know what the etis code is. Id rather stick with a ford part. But if needs be i will get a patent part.   Thanks Adrian 
  3. Question Around Turbos

    Ok cool. I thought I would ask. It's put my mind arrest now. Last thing I wanted was a repair bill after Christmas. Happy new year to you all.
  4. Question Around Turbos

    Sorry forgot to say the car has 40000 miles on it and has been serviced using ford or castrol magnatec oil ford oil and air filters every 6000-6500 miles. Thanks
  5. Question Around Turbos

    Hi, hope you all had an excellent christmas. I've been under the bonnet of my 1.6tdci focus this morning just to do the usual checks and whilst I was under there I decided to take the pipe that airbox to the turbo. I found some oil in it. The oil level on the dipstick was fine. So is it normal to find oil in this pipe. There wasn't much but there was enough that when I rotated the pope in my hand you could see a small amount running around 2 ribs of the pipe. So I decided to give the turbo a wiggle and there was a small amount of movement again not much and it does not scrub on anything. The car it self runs fine not lumpy or down on power although to me there does seem to be a bit more lag than it use to have. Do you think all is well? Regards Adrian.
  6. Obd Scanners

    So if I go with the one you linked to dee_82. Once I buy that then do I need to download the software or will it come with software. Forgive me for sounding stupid.
  7. Obd Scanners

    Hi all I'm interested in getting one of these elm327 devices but there seems to be loads available and I'm not sure what one to get. Any recommendations? Also am I right in thinking that I need some sort of phone app or do these things work via a laptop. Preferably I'd like an app on my iPhone if that's possible. Again what do you guys use. Regards Adrian.
  8. No Rear End Grip On Tyres In The Wet. Dangerous!

    I have a set of these Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 K120 fitted to my car and I'm well impressed by them. Lots of grip dry or wet and they seem to be wearing very well fuel efficiency is in the 50s and still fairly quiet in the cabin. I had michellins on the car before they were the ones it left the factory with and to be honest the hankooks are just as good in every respect and they were 30 quid cheaper each tyre. Just a suggestion. But yes don't go budget. I wouldn't even consider it. Why endanger yourself or anyone else.
  9. What Controls The Throttle.

    Ok so if there is an update available then I may well take it in. Is there anyway you can tell what version is in the car now and can you see anywhere what is the latest version?
  10. What Controls The Throttle.

    Well as I say this hire car I had was a 2014 focus zetec s 1.6 tdci with 28000 miles on it. Mines 2012 titanium X 1.6 tdci with 36000 on it. The difference although quite small was very noticeable. It made pulling away quickly so much easier. With mine I do have to make sure I have a nice sized gap when I pull away. My car has always been this way. At first I thought it was a clutch issue. And ford did actually put a new clutch in it under warranty. But now I'm wondering if it's to do with the throttle. I'm just not sure if I were to take it in to ford what I would tell them. Because to all intents and purposes it works. It just don't work as nice as the hire car I had. That car was a joy to drive.
  11. What Controls The Throttle.

    Hi What exactly controls the throttle on a 1.6tdci. I'm assuming its electronic rather than mechanical. My throttle seems to have a bit of a delayed reaction. I drove a hire car last week and as soon as you pushed the throttle pedal the revs climbed. With mine there's a brief pause Could this be software related or a sensor? It's a 2012 1.6tdci. Many thanks Adrian.
  12. Gear Change 2012 1.6tdci

    Hi all Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm sure I have a problem with the gear change in my car. First thing I should say is that all the gears work and they slot in nice and easily. This is more about the feel and the strength of the clutch. A year ago I had the clutch changed under warranty by ford because my car clunks when changing gear and it squealed when pulling away up hill. so it has a relatively new clutch but I now have a 1.6 tdci focus as a hire care for two days and it's apparent that the feel of the clutch is so much more positive. With my car you really have to rev it and pull the clutch in slowly to get any thing like a smooth pull away with this one you can just go without thinking too much about it. But my clutch just don't feel that strong. For example if you really want to pull away with gusto you just can't in my car whereas with this car you can spin the wheels up and all sorts. So if I have a year old clutch. Is there anything else hat could be at fault. Like master or slave cylinders? I will probably take it to ford but they just say it works ok. And now the car is 5 months out of warranty. So if anyone has any thoughts or experienced this could you please tell me what you think. Many thanks Adrian.
  13. What Have I Purchased? Clutch Issues..

    My 12 plate 1.6tdci made exactly the same noise when it was warmed up and under load, pulling away uphill for example. I took mine back to ford and they put a new clutch in it under warranty. This was August last year. Only problem is it's now started to do it again. all you can do us take it in and hope they are a decent outfit. Good luck.
  14. 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

    Ok that would be cool. Very weird the insurance going down.
  15. 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

    Did anyone ever get this done to their 1.6tdci. Mine is now out of warranty so I'm beginning to think about having it done when funds allow.