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  1. I've got the same model. I believe they have some sort of electronic steering lock that arms when you get out. Mine certainly does anyway.
  2. I've had a full set of Hankook Ventus v12 Evo2 on my car for about 18 months now and I think they are excellent tyres. I do about 18-20000 miles a year and they still have a fair amount of tread left and the grip from them is amazing. Fuel consumption is as good as the michellins they replaced. They may be slightly noisier but they are not noisy. The car is still pretty quiet. All in all they were about 80-100 cheaper than a full set of michellins and I'm well impressed.
  3. On my titanium X there is a knob by the sunglasses holder in the roof lining. You our turn it and the colour changes. But you can only do this when the lights are on inside the car.
  4. it's was a surprise when it happened I was just driving along minding my own and bang then everything was covered !
  5. Yes it did and it's good stuff. It did the trick and it smells quite nice too. Not going to be repeating that mistake again.
  6. I've got a 2012 1.6tdci and I too have had no problems. Serviced every 9 mo the due to the mileage I do by ford and I do a service in between so fresh oil and filter every 6000 or so. Hope you enjoy your new car.
  7. It's not arrived yet. I got most of it out with a damp cloth and a spray cleaner. There's a few little spots but I was quite surprised by how easy the marks came out. Hopefully the the auto smart stuff will sort the rest. I can't use a wet vaccum as I don't have access to one.
  8. Lovely thanks. I've already bought some. Just gotta wait for it to arrive now.
  9. Hi all ive been a bit of a plank. On Tuesday I had a smoothie at work and When I got home I forgot to take the bottle indoors with me. Yesterday I stupidly left it again. Bearing in mind it's in the cup holder I don't really know how I forgot it twice but there you are. Anyway, this morning driving to work there was a nice POP as the lid flew open and smoothie basically went everywhere. Ive got most of it off but the headlining took a bit of a beating. I now need to try and get the marks out. Any ideas of what I can use. Wether car related products or household cleaning stuff. I thought maybe vanish or 1001. Any other suggestions. Or you can mock me. It's ok I deserve it. Many thanks Adrian
  10. If it's the same engine as they used in the mk3 mondeo, it could be the injectors need recalibration. My mk3 would do this, but only when warm. It was always fine when it was cold. Took it to ford they did a pcm update and recalibration of injectors and it was fine after that. That was probably around 4 years ago I had that car, and it was about 90 quid I paid
  11. I picked up some Fuchs oil from Haynes of Maidstone last time I did an oil and filter change. It was a fair bit cheaper than the formula f at the time. Seems fine.
  12. Mine did this as well. I got some clear silicone from halfords gave each one a good amount, cleaned the door as best I could and they've been stuck on best part of a year now with no further problems.
  13. IF

    I've got a 2012 focus 1.6tdci titanium X. Spec includes part leather heated seats, cruise, Bluetooth with voice recognition, ambient lighting, self parking (never really used it.) i dont think think I would personally go for anything less than tit X as I do like the toys. Having said that I do love the looks of the zetec s. But the equipment means more to me. As as for the engine. It's a hard one for me to say. I like the 1.6 diesel but you can't get away from the fact that it is not a fast car. It's fairly economical. I do about 50 miles a day, mostly motorway and I average probably 51-52mpg. It cost 20 quid a year to tax which for me is a huge plus, but I think 1.0 ecoboost is the same. in terms of driving it, mine is very smooth and quiet but it can be very jerky if you are in a queue of traffic crawling in first. It is also a bugger to pull away smoothly, it bogs down quite a lot no matter how many revs you use. However ford have looked at it and says its normal. I don't know if they are all like this or wether it's just mine. ultimatly if I could swap mine for a petrol I probably would. I know it may cost me a bit more in fuel but I would accept that. But don't get me wrong it's a really nice car and it does give a really good ride and drive most of the time
  14. Following on from this i now have the lamp. However i dont have a manual at this time. So does anyone know how to get access to replace the damaged lamp please. Ive looked at youtube videos but there isnt many and none of them make it clear. I did see one that suggested you slid a card down the side of the bumper and fog lamp bezel then pull the trim piece off but ive tried that with no luck. Is it a case of taking the under tray off? Thanks Adrian
  15. hi all I did and oil change this morning and whilst i was on the floor i noticed the drivers fog light has been hit by a stone. There is now 2 lovely big cracks and a small hole. So this clearly needs replacing Does any know what the etis code is. Id rather stick with a ford part. But if needs be i will get a patent part. Thanks Adrian