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  1. Some More Pics Of My Frozen White Mk7

    That's a lovely car mate, is it the zetec s? And what do the exhausts sound like? I'm struggling to find a white zetec s at the right price at the moment :( they seem hard to come by
  2. Hi everyone! My name is lee and I'm 20, originally from north Wales but due to my job I'm living down south in hampshire at the moment. I currently drive a corsa vxr, and I love it! But I'm thinking of changing to a zetec s mk7 after driving one today. Just need something cheaper to run. Would be nice to get to know some people on here, and get some opinions on the fiesta from owners, also I would be interested to know which is a good sounding exhaust, I quite like the milltek from hearing it on YouTube. Here's a pic of my corsa: And the fiestas I like: Hope to speak to some of you soon :)