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  1. Diff Bearing Gone?

    Hi Guys, My focus has developed a very loud whining noise. It starts at 15 or 20 mph and the volume increases with road speed (not revs). It doesn't seem to change with steering input. I checked the wheel bearings and they feel reasonably smooth and have no play in them. I also removed the right-hand drive shaft and checked the bearing that sits half way down it, it feels nice and smooth too. So I went on to check the diff bearings. I can feel a bit of play where the left-hand drive shaft enters the diff - is this normal, or is my bearing knackered? If it is knackered how hard is it to replace? Can it be done in-situ or will I have to remove the gearbox? Also, how do I remove the left-hand drive shaft from the diff? The right hand side came straght out, but the left hand one won't budge. Thanks.