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  1. Fitted them today ( in between the rain showers ) I used a scotch Block for the blue wire and the earth wire I earthed it to the bodywork ,, there is a bolt there where the lights are earthed so I used that .
  2. cheers just need to find time when I'm free and it's not raining
  3. could you use a scotch block connector knowing my luck I would cut the wire trying to strip it
  4. Mine does the same been in 3 times they cant find a fault its on 30,000 miles i thought it may be fuel pump any ideas
  5. Hi This may be a silly question but how does the car know how much fluid to use
  6. Works on a 2009 Focus
  7. oh clean engine there do you belong to www.detailingworld.co.uk
  8. yep booked it in today
  9. Yep tom tom are better as you can add poi such as speed ( sorry safety ) cameras nothing wrong with the sat nav works well but would like to update sd card
  10. Hi Anyone know how to update 2009 sat nav with a SD card for a Focus
  11. Hi Got a 2009 1.6 tdci Focus It has developed a cough when accelerating in second fords said need to replace injector they did this ( under warrenty ) ok for a day or 2 now its back any ideas
  12. All new Focus has ESP you can swich it on off via menues