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  1. Happy Birthday SilverGizmo!

  2. Masses of responses . . . anyways - the car was engulfed in Smoke after running for around 2-7 mins while moving the car under it's own power... To the point where you couldn't see the car. Couldn't see where the smoke was coming from though, no leaks in the exhaust anywhere... the smoke came from back of engine / under the car somewhere.. could be flexi pipe i guess? Going to buy a powder & Co2 fire jobby before continuing work on the car... if it's not fixed soon it might get blown up somehow <_< Also, NO ISSUES WITH ANY OF OUR FIATS as normal... all 3 working great, and when something goes wrong, it's ALWAYS an easy fix, including the Head Gasket, this Rubbish Ford is a pain to work on, and i will NEVER buy a ford until i see a change in there design.
  3. Found a way to read the error codes: With ignition on, hold the mileage button jobby (Next to the mileage counter), it will then say Test and go though the test & report errors, 2 errors are shown on ours... One for fuel and another for ABS? however our car doesn't have ABS so i think it stands for a fault in the ACC & *forgot what it's called* electric circuit So i've started checking all the Earths & Cleaning them as i go, All fuses are good... Faults were: 5967 dtc 9359 dtc Anyone know more about these errors?
  4. Well we've still not been able to get the car to run properly, After resetting the ecu it will run fine for all of 3 seconds at most, then go crap again... Which suggests to me that it's a sensor problem... Other parts we have replace, not mentioned above, are the fuel rail and injectors - this got the car running alot better but still not to a drivable state. When you put your foot down it misfires badly and sometimes stalls... All the vacume hoses, clips, EGR etc were replace, the Throttle position sensor was replaced... At a loss here :( We have been around unpluging sensors to see if there is any improvement etc, but nothing - however if we unplug the crank position sensor the car will not turn over... i assume this is normal...
  5. Hi all, sorry if i've posted in the wrong place... Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Lx W-Reg Where to start... New engine not too long ago, was running fine until the coil pack went... Mis-firing etc, drove it around 1,000 miles with the misfire - an expensive mistake... Replaced coils, HT leads, spark plugs... run well for a bit then: un-burnt fuel in the cat.... and well, it melted... Huge pressure in the exhaust, VERY rough, failed to start most times often took up to 2 mins to try to start it.. so: New exhaust, sensors etc but it is not running right... the whole car shakes badly, sparks are all good, there is fuel, timing is good... So i thought it might be the ecu, or if not at least read any error codes, so i bought an OBD2 lead and got some software to read the ecu, This lead is compatible with OBD, OBD2 and EOBD, and supports all OBD2 protocols... The software and lead works with all are other cars, including parents ford galaxy, fiat punto etc But when i plug it into the ford fiesta i get many error messages - differnt depending with which software i use: 1. - no response from ecu 2. - Unable to connect 3. - No response from interface 4. - Unsupported protocol No issues with any other car when using this lead & any of the programs i have... English model, 3 door manual 5 speed What protocols does the 2000 (w-Reg) ford fiesta Zetec LX (Zetec - SE engine 1.25L) ecu use and what connection is it meant to be? I am using a 16 pin ELM 327 lead with ScanMaster-ELM Cheers all :)