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  1. Hi, by the sounds of the other posters you are having the same issues I had with my 58-plate 2.0TDCI Focus. I initially noticed it was wet not long after I had a windscreen replaced (cracked by a stone) so I naturally assumed it was an issue with the way the replacement screen was bonded in. Autoglass then removed the new screen and it was plain to see (even to a thicko like me!) that there was no gap in the thick black bonding material, nor was any of it lifting. The car then went into my local Ford dealer and they had the car for 8 days, told me they'd traced the leak to the hinges for the tailgate at the top of the roof, they'd sealed them they said and charged me almost £300 for the work. Not long after it became apparent that the car was still wet (all along the length of the drivers side). Car then went into Ford again who kept it for a few days again (can't remember exactly but i THINK it was 6 days). Can't really remember the outcome but the car still wasn't fixed. I then put it into a friendly glass replacement place who removed the cowl at the bottom of the windscreen and pulled back the carpet under the pedals, then put a hose over the car and when they put the hose anywhere near the factory holes on the drivers side (right where the A-pillar meets the bulkhead on the drivers side) the water was POURING into the drivers footwell. He took a wee video of it on his mobile and showed me when I went to pick the car up. In his opinion there was an issue with a weld or a bond on the metalwork on the bulkhead. I had lost all faith in the car at this point, i'd been chasing this leak for over 2 months at this point and having to deal with steamed-up windows constantly as well them being frozen on the inside during the winter so I decided to trade the focus in for an octavia. The next owner, or the garage that took my car in as a trade-in, can worry about it. I hope you get your car fixed Druberry.
  2. No sunroof on the car.
  3. Well thats it booked in for next Monday - they have it booked in for a week (well, they are booking the courtesy car out for a week, which isn't quite the same thing, but anyway) My guess: Car will be in longer than a week, the water leak will be located in a different area from last time and they will hit me with a bill for >£200.
  4. Yea, there is NO WAY i will be paying another penny to them for this issue. H3lly, if it was a leaking heater matrix surely that would mean the water level in the radiator expansion bottle would go down?
  5. Fellow Ford Fanatics... I have an issues that I would appreciate advice on. I own a 57-plate Focus hatchback 5-door and I noticed a water leak into the cabin earlier this year (March). The entire length of the drivers-side carpet was absolutely soaking. I removed the drivers seat and must have easily removed over 3 pints of water from the floor pan, carpet and the felt stuff inbetween. The car went into my local dealers, Peoples in Falkirk, who had the car for 7 working days and charged me over £200 to seal the hinges where the hatch meets the roof - when I got the car back I could see some sealant round these hinges that they had then colour-coded with a touch-up pen. Fast forward to today when I decided to hoover the car. Yep, same carpets on the drivers side front and back absolutely soaking. So - advice time. Should I: a) Suffer the inconveniance of booking the car in again, having to sort out a courtesy car inc. swapping the insurance over, and wait over a week to get my car returned to me again and then have the almost inevitable argument over the bill I feel they will try to present me with. B) Live with it c) Torch it. Of course option C is a joke.
  6. Hi, my Mrs Mk7 went into the dealers on Tuesday - the service manager said that Ford had issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) out about this issue and although I wasn't there when the Mrs picked the car up a few hours later she did say that the dealer told her they greased something. Anyway, clunking noise all gone. For now, anyway.
  7. Mrs has got a 10-plate Titanium - noticed tonight that when the stereo is off (but the engine is on) the wee green 'Settings' cog light on the panel above the stereo stays on. Should it? Never noticed it before and I have driven the car a fair bit since we got it!
  8. Similar thread (link below) Jamie, my Mrs Mk7 Fiesta is having the same problem but not booked it in yet. Wont be able to book ours in for a couple of weeks so I would really appreciate it if you can keep me (and mick88) updated on any fix or diagnosis to your car! Cheers Andy
  9. Very nice car! Just one quick question - how to you get the mirror covers off to de-tango them?
  10. Thanks Mick, did the noise I described above sound similar to the problem you were having? Also, was there any charge for the work you got today?
  11. Thanks, that would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Mick88 Did you get any resolution to this problem? My Mrs 10-plate Titanium is doing the same - a knocking noise from the front end when reversing then straightening the wheel again at low speeds. It is fine when above 10mph. The car has only done 4000 miles. Cheers oobster
  13. My Mrs has got a 10-plate 5-door white 1.4 Auto Titanium. Seems faster than the 1.6 Peugeot 307 Auto she had before. Great wee car, I love driving it, the only annoying thing is that the electric window switches are too far along the door panel - I almost have to slide by elbow into the back seats in order to get my fingertips on the switches.
  14. Anyone know how to get the mirror covers off to do the side indicator bulbs?
  15. I quite like it, apart from the wheels.