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  1. http://www.thhe.dk/temp/valve.jpg (this is my valve)
  2. I only have an option where I can reset the measurement. Dos the valve type have options? I think it would be a waste of money to use the advanced type in a Fiesta with no features like seeing tyre tempetures and to read out the actual pressure, so I hope it is the old/simple type so I don't have to have this ekstra cost on my winther tyres.
  3. Ok, I am pretty sure I have the old system then! Odd that the instruction book tells another story :(
  4. Can I see the difference?
  5. Ok. Yes I have the car.
  6. Hi, I've just bought a Ford Fiesta 1,0 125 Titanium X. It has Tyre pressure monitoring. The instruction book says, that before april 2014 the system worked by measuring the roll diameter via the ABS sensors. Car produced after april 2014 have the more expensive system, with sensors inside the wheel. My car is produced in September so I thought it was the expensive system, but people tell me, that this can't be true, because the tyre valves are rubber! What is right and wrong?
  7. I dont know if it is legal everywhere, but in Denmark it is legal to use the fog lights as Daytime running lights. So I have made a little box that uses the built in light sensor, to turn on/off the fog lights. Auto Light And I bought some H11 LED bulbs also. Feel free to use it B) Thomas H.
  8. Mondeo Timelapse

    Thanks. Yes it's a nice picture, I just hate the reflection of the lamp, but I cannot remove it :o(
  9. Do you like it? ...photos here: http://thhe-foto.dk/carpictures/Ford_Mondeo/index.html Regards. Thomas H. - www.thhe.dk
  10. Mondeo