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  1. Hi everyone, im new to this and was wondering if i could get some advice. I've recently brought a mk2 xr2 with the intention of keeping the standard carb (obvouisly with some modifications) and running a turbo like that of the turbo technics versions. But as usual i got a bit carried away and jumped at the chance to buy a set of forged pistons very cheap. So my new idea is to run an rs turbo engine as i'd have the oil feed and return for the turbo, a t3 turbocharger and a set of twin 45 carbs with a sealed airbox to allow air from an intercooler. I know this way wouldn't be as effective as efi with management but would be alot cheaper. I can't see any possible flaws as this seems fairly straight foward, apart from setting the carbs up which i can imagine will be quite tricky. But basically wanted a few opinions before i start spending my hard eaned cash?