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  1. Hi Yeah I got the right transponder key, I assume you just have to get the right colour? The woman at the key cutting place seemed to know what she was on about. I will try your method Jay as the method I used said I must use the master key, then a normal black one, then the new key. Thanks for the help guys, I hope it works this time. If not I will just have to carry around two keys if one of the originals breaks and just hover it over the ignition. Better than paying £70 for someone else to do it!
  2. Hello everyone Bit of background info: I have a 1995 MK4 1.8 diesel (non turbo). I have a red master key and 2 black keys that came with the car 3rd hand. Basically my problem is I got a new car key cut today and was under the impression I could program the new key with the master key. The technique I used is the 3rd option here: http://programautokeys.com/classified/DisplayAd.asp?id=521 but it says it's for a Ford Focus so I don't know if it is the same for a fiesta or not. However, this didn't work so either I am using the wrong technique or there are too many keys programmed already, with it being so old this could be the case. I was wondering if anyone could please shed some light if this is the correct technique for my car or not? Any advice/help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.