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  1. Check your pump for any leaks! Common for the seals in the pump to leak therefore a new pump is required! Top it up in the meantime...
  2. As far as i can remember it might have to go into a ford dealer to be sent to visteon to get locked out? i think!
  3. Watch this space Steff! good luck.
  4. Rear wiper motor it sounds like to me, easily changed and around £130 to buy. Regards
  5. Why would you want to do this??
  6. On the bottom of the steering column there is a knuckle joint that gets worn, unfortunately you cannot get this seperate and comes as part of the column. This will fix your problem. Regards
  7. This blue chip you are seeing on your key is the colour of the chips on all fiestas from 01 on. It is not a master key. If you want to post your chassis i can check to see if your car is compatible for remote central locking, if so key blank £4 and remote £35, plus an hours labour to programme in from your Ford dealer.
  8. Hi the transponder chip sits in the key blade, i would advise purchasing a key blade from your local ford dealer it costs around £45. I don't see why your being asked to pay for a remote as well?? just the key blade required and get them to programme it. Hope this helps!
  9. Sounds like the idle speed control valve or potentiometer. Again easy fix but depending on your year the part could be costly!
  10. Hi, You could try a fan belt tensioner, if this has not cured your problem it will more than likely bt the front crankshaft oil seal. i have had this problem before. Try the tensioner first, it is the cheaper option. Regards
  11. your problem is a simple fix! all you need is your d/s/f top window noulding lubricated with silicone spray and the window adjusted! Try lubrication first that might just do it. It's not your door module/window motor trust me.
  12. Your battery in your remote will not fix this problem, sounds to me like a faulty door latch which in turn is affecting the locking on all doors. Possibly d/s/f as this controls the other locks. You would be better leaving to a ford dealer to get it diagnosed
  13. You will have to drill out the lock and possibly bust the grille in the process, no option you have to replace these. WD40 will not give you a fix. Sorry
  14. Hi, Remaove both scuddle panels and there will be a wire at the bottome of the screen, that wire needs to br rerooted when fitting the screen to prevent this happening. Check all coneections are in, if so it could be a faulty screen. Is it a ford screen that was fitted? If so it will be warranty. But it sounds like they have forgot to reroot the connections! take it back to the dealer and they have to do it free of charge.
  15. 2 things possibly to try, potentiometer for the cutting out if not possibly a butterfly valve which sits in the inlet manifold. Both cheap and an easy fix. i would start with the potentiometer! Finis number 7173046 but check with dealer with your chassis number.