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  1. My Ford Focus (1.6, 02 reg, Ghia) has some sort of engine problem. Symptoms: 1) Orange warning light (with picture of engine) on is lit up, then when I go up to higher revs (circa 2600+) for a reasonable length of time it settles into a steady flash. If i am going along the motorway it is flashing. 2) At low revs (sub 2500) it is sluggish and juddery as though it is really struggling, as far as I can tell this seems to be true of all the gears. 3) There are no visible leaks, the oil & water is at the required level. I have no problem starting it. Anyone got any ideas?? From some prolonged googling it seems that it might be emissions related? But that wouldnt explain the 'sluggishness' at low revs...?