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  1. I have found type numbers on the pumps if it helps. the old pump off the J reg engine is F18INAO1 The pump off the 1996 engine is F-18,,INA,,02
  2. Hi thanks for your replay, but as I only got the engine I don't know where the 3 wires go from the pump as the old pump that is still on the old engine has only one wire.
  3. Hi I'm new to this site and would like some help. I have a J reg escort van the old diesel engine snapped its belt so I fitted another diesel engine. This diesel engine is from a 1996 car and the back of the fuel pump where the injection pipes are is different from the old engine. the old pump only needs one wire to connect to the end of the pump but new one has 3 wires. Will this course a problem or will the pump need changing