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  1. Thanks John & Jay. Looks like you just beat me to it (being a one-fingered typist and all)! Cheers JC
  2. Whilst searching other Ford forums - I found the answer so I will post it here incase this is driving anyone else mad! With ignition ON (but engine not running), select "Imperial" under settings. This gives you miles for distance and °F for temperature. Now scroll through the menu until you get the outside temperature displayed in the dash. Press in and HOLD the "SET" button - after about 3 seconds the display switches to °C for temperature (and you still have miles for distance measurement). One happy bunny! JC
  3. Hi Folks Hope someone is able to help on this. '59 plate 1.6 TDCi Focus. The digital display is now showing °F instead of °C with miles being shown for distances and there doesn't seem to be any menu option to change it back to °C (and keep miles) other than to set the display to metric when we have °C but kiometres for distance measurement. Hope I can insert a picture to show you what I mean. Until last week, we had miles and °C but now its miles and °F (who uses °F anymore??). Thanks in anticipation, JC
  4. Hi folks Have a 1.4 TDCi Fiesta Mk6. As you probably know, not much bottom-end torque and not much power. Looking at chipping options. Found a chip kit for £95 from which increases power by a claimed 22% and torque by 25% Question is - is it worth doing? As it is, the car is OK for pottering around town and will eventually wind up to a decent speed on the motorway but struggles up hills, especially with more than just the driver on-board. Could do with some advice. Yes, I am aware of the insurance implications & would notify same. Ideally want a solution that DOES NOT involve re-mapping the engine management. Cheers JC
  5. Hi Paul, Problem is sorted. It WAS in demo mode and now that is turned off!. Just need to check it out sometime. Thanks JC
  6. Hi again mintalkin Thanks for that link. Sadly, it doesn't appear as if my unit is a DX or EX as it does not look like any of the units on page 3 of the manual. My unit has the 5" colour screen (but it is not a touch-screen version) and has the map data on an SD card. I'll try to upload a photo shortly. Cheers JC EDIT: Page 9 seems to show my unit (from the same site as your link): My unit: Thanks. Hope this is of future use :) JC
  7. Double Post DELETED JC
  8. Hi mintalkin, Thanks for the swift reply :) Been there & done that. I re-calibrated the system whilst travelling at a steady speed on the A1 on Friday. Took a good 10 mins or so, but still not working correctly. I have seen a discussion saying that it may be in "Demo Mode" but if it is - how do I turn "Demo Mode" off? Have gone through every option I can find - all to no avail. Also seen mention that you can turn off individual buttons (those that intrude onto the map display) but again, how do you do that? As an aside - how do I know whether it is a dx or an ex unit? The seller (a Car Supermarket) wasn't interested when I called in on Saturday afternoon, but referred me to a main Ford dealer (I can name names here). Finally, is there a manual for this system?? I can't seem to find any info on either the Ford Uk site nor on Blaupunkt's. None was provided with the car and there is no info in the car handbook. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, had a look through the search function and I can't find this problem anywhere. I believe I have a Blaupunkt satnav ('59 plate 1.6 TDCi Focus with the Communications Pack), but after nearly a fortnight of ownership, it's started doing something very weird. The map function will work fine up until I give the satnav a destination. At that point, it will no longer track the car's position, instead going down the route dictated at a constant speed (it ends up about 15 miles ahead on a 40 mile journey). After it reaches the destination, I am no longer able to revert the map back to tracking the car, nor can I ask it to direct me to a new destination; the map is stuck on my destination (though I can still access the cd player, linein and so on). Nothing I have tried seems to correct this, unless I leave the car for a while (an hour plus), when the map will once again work properly until I enter a destination. Anybody know what's happening? Or how to fix it?