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  1. Electrics In A Mk6

    Hey guys, I've got a Mk6 Fiesta that I'm intending on doing up and modifying and all the rest... The queries I have are these: Firstly I bought an Alarm with Remote Start, However don't really know where to look to get someone to fit it for me? I've been quoted £175 and am willing to pay that for Remote Start, however I don't like paying for something without getting two or three quotes so if anyone else has any suggestions on who to contact I'd be grateful =) (They need to be Thatcham Registered as my alarm if fitted by a Thatcham approved mechanic is a Cat2 Alarm) Secondly, I have seen lots of cars with InCarPC's, and have decided I want one, however, seeing as the new iPad was just released, I was thinking about having that hooked into the Dash, however, I was wondering whether anyone knows how easy/hard it would be to wire into the Car Battery so that its constantly charged, as I don't want it looking tacky and being connected via the Cigarette Lighter, I want it built into the dash all nice and flush.. and secondly, where would be the best place to put it in the dash? The dimensions are: 242.8 mm (9.56 in) (height) 189.7 mm (7.47 in) (width) 13.4 mm (0.53 in) (depth) I think I would need to keep my Radio as I would be using the 3.5mm jack to connect iPad to Music System (I have 6 speakers, a sub and an amp all wired into the standard radio) And also would I be able to connect the 3.5mm jack without it sticking out as well? Under the dash for instance? Sorry for all my newb questions, just wasn't sure where else to go! Cheers for any and all help! Labinopper.