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  1. Rubbing Sound From Rear

    Thanks I'll look into it and let you know when I've found out.
  2. Rubbing Sound From Rear

    I'm begining to think that could be it, one of the pistons was quite hard to screw back in. The sliders seemed ok. What could stop the hand break from releasing? Is there anything that can be done to unseize the caliper?
  3. Rubbing Sound From Rear

    I have a ford focus 1.8 with rear disk brakes. At low speeds I get a rotational rubbing/thumping sound that seems to come from the rear, can't tell which side. This speeds up as the car does. Sometimes it goes away. I have replaced the discs and pads but no difference. There is no play in the bearing I can detect and when I rotate wheel by hand no tight spots. I suspect it could be caused by handbreak not releasing properly or the caliper piston being stuck. Could this be a bearing? What else could it be? Thanks for any help