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    mk4 fista 1400 soon
  1. Fiesta Mk4 Twin 40's Project

    cheers :D
  2. What Exhaust Would You Recommend

    i would say an ashley system or a custom system probly about 2.5inch centre pipe and an racing back box for best performance
  3. Fiesta Mk4 Twin 40's Project

    hi there, i haven't yet got the car yet because of license issues but the project will be pretty much mk4 1400 fiesta with twin 40's and stripped out. question is what parts do i need to fit and run a set of twin 40 carbs and what sizes i will need as well. thanks for any replys
  4. Twin Carbs And Turbo?

    is it even possible to run turbo and twin45's at the same time and tbh what would be the point when just fitting the RS throttle body would be alot simpler or am i talking gobble-dee-!Removed!
  5. Ello

    hey every one new to the site hope to be of use to some and im sure the favour can be returned :D names stu from glasgow used to have a mk4 5-dr escort but unfortunately that project ended in the scrap, long story hehe lookin for a mk4 fiesta 1400 in a couple of months and make it the new project for track days anyway great site and even better forum :)