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  1. Oils fine, the garage say i have a nice little car and stuff but i wont be happy until i get this sorted.
  2. I'm getting a bit of light grey smoke coming out under acceleration which can be a bit embarrassing at times, i've took the car to get a diag done and nothing came back injector wise. So i booked it in for a full check up and they have said they cant find anything wrong and that its normal for a car of this age, its a 55 plate. Now im under the impression that the car didnt come out of the factory like this so its age shouldnt be an issue, it should still be fixable in one way or another. Apart from a new egr and de coke what else can i do? Turbo clean maybe? All hoses are ok and ive been putting in diesel additive for a good few weeks now and booting it down the motorway to clear her out, but it just reappears the next time im driving. Scratching my head on this one....
  3. Hi and welcome, best thing i ever did was go back to Ford and their mighty TDCi engines ;)
  4. Found this on ebay so i think i'll buy one, job done!
  5. Does anyone know of a replacement rear wiper arm that looks smarter than the standard one? Just think it looks a bit weedy and was hoping there was another sort i could fit to make it look nicer. Cheers
  6. Been in for a service, told it needs a new caliper as its leaking brake fluid and a new wheel bearing, thats fine, its the smoking on acceleration thats bothering me. Last time i owned a mondy it was a punctured turbo hose, this time im being told it could be injectors, and we all know thats £1000+ Ive since read that recoding the injectors fixes most issues with over fueling and smoking in my case, so thats what im going to go for, but failing that because i like the car so much i will pay the £1000 to have it fixed if it is the injectors. Any thoughts?
  7. If i've posted this in the wrong section please feel free to move it, should have checked first :)
  8. After a few years away i have ventured back into Ford land with a 55 plate 2.0 TDCi Mondeo and so far im over the moon. No doubt i shall be finding faults that need sorting so you may see me in the near future asking for help but so far so good. And here she is....
  9. Aye my previous 2 cars were fords, never had much of a problem with them until now, shame cos a loved the car, a wont tell you what am driving now tho
  10. Theres just so much to go wrong on these modern diesels its unbelievable, and not just fords, ive seen it on other forums, vauxhalls, saabs, bmw etc etc, all to do with emissions and egr valves, am back onto petrol
  11. Well, due to the numerous faults i have decided to cut my losses and part ex the car, a few faults i can handle but it was growing on a daily basis, car was quite obviously not looked after by the previous owner and i dont have a bottomless wallet. Thanks for all the advice over the past couple of weeks and i hope you all have more luck than i did with mine :)
  12. One last thing lol, the car makes quite a loud tickety noise when cold and under acceleration, dies down after a few miles, is that normal?
  13. Do you think blanking the EGR will cure my very lumpy idle
  14. Thanks, i'll order one of ebay