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  1. I am new to Ford & took delivery of brand new Fusion Zetec 1.4 Tdci on 28th May. It seemed to run like a dream until.......the following Friday night when I started the engine there was an almighty bang! Driving home I tackled a hill (2nd gear then progressed into 3rd) & when had to slow down, as car in front had slowed, I dropped down from 3rd to 2nd gear expecting some power but no power was there. I then dropped down to 1st gear & still nothing there. I had to pull into the side & start all over again suffereing the wrath of the car which had nearly run into the back of me! The following day I had exactly the same problem on a different hill. I took the car back to the Ford Dealer on Monday & mechanic came for a drive - we went up a couple of hills & tried to mimmick my experience. The nearest he got was going up a hill, dropping down to 2nd gear & then having to go into 1st gear as he said he'd been in "too high a gear in 2nd". The mechanic told me this is normal! The Dealer is keeping my car till Friday to "run it around" & so far has phoned me to say no defect has been found. I've asked them to put it on a diagnostic test but they say they can't as the engine management light hasn't come on showing any fault. I've driven diesels since the mid 80s & am therefore used to the style of driving but have never experienced anything like this before. The car seemed to run fine for the 7 days prior to it going bang at start up (having also gone up the same hills successfully, I might add) I certainly feel that something has defintiely changed since it went bang. Has anyone else had any similar problems please & if so what was the outcome? Any advice you are able to offer me as to how to deal with the problem, & getting satisfaction from the Ford Dealer, would be greatly appreciated - I, like most other people, just can't afford to fork out for a brand new car which doesn't do what it should be capable of. In any event, a brand new car should not go bang when started up! Incidentally, my last car was a 1.4 Hdi (not a Ford) & it sailed along happily up hill & down dale but we had to part company as it was getting old. HELP - please!