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    Ford ecsort van running zetec
  1. Pics Of My Rs2000 Engine Ur Views

    Hi mate, thats the same engine im lookin for, what year is your GTi? how much did you pay for the engine if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Is thinking of what ICE install to do in the back of his van plus seats?

  3. Mk 5 And Mk 6 Wiring Looms?????

    The MK5 engine looms was on there own mate but on the mk6 looms they started to incorperate the engine loom into the car loom, its a bit annoying really, but not impossible,
  4. Escort 1.6 Zetec (& More) Manual - Free Pdf

    Handy,,, thanks
  5. Ford Escort Van Lost My Keys

    Hi mate, you will need the following but must be all out the same vehicle, the chipped key, the ignition barrel, the transpoder (that goes around the barrel, black or brown plastic), behind the dash were the glove box is, theres a little black box in a metal cage, its a bit fiddle to get but not in possible, this is the immobiliser box, fit all of that to your mate and you'll be back on the road, oh and might wanna get the door locks at the same time, hope this helps,
  6. Zetecvan1

    Just some pics of my van from when i got it to now,
  7. Photo002.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  8. 22.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  9. Photo084.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  10. Photo093.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  11. 21.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  12. 17.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  13. 20.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  14. 14.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1

  15. 7.jpg

    From the album Zetecvan1