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  1. Missing oil filler cap

    I recently took ownership of my third Focus - A 1.8 Zetec Climate (57) - from a Ford Dealership. I noticed an intermittent flicker of the oil warning light and last weekend having drove to Anglesey the light came on constantly. I lifted the bonnet and to my horror I saw that the oil filler cap was missing and the engine had spewed oil. I located the cap down the side of the engine trapped amongst piping/wires. I phoned the Dealer who told me to call the AA. The dipstick was pretty much dry. The mechanic put 4 litres of oil in to the engine. I believe that the cap was either not fitted at all by the Dealer, or less likely it was not attached correctly (unlikely as the cap was caught up in the pipes at the front of the engine bay - surely it would have gone towards the rear?) The car is currently back with the dealer who is doing an engine diagnostic, full engine clean and exterior valet and underside clean. The Dealer will also valet my drive due to oil spill. My questions are; 1. What permanent damage might have been caused? 2. Where do I stand legally if there is permanent damage? 3. What would you do? - Demand a replacement car? 4. Ever heard of this happening before? Thanks all.