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  1. Hi people just a newbie, been driving my petrol escort for years and decided to go for a mondeo though having little cash i opted for one needing work, bought a 1998 R reg 1.8td mondeo lx, lady owned it from new so im guessing never been abused, has 6 months tax and mot left and got it for 150 quid which i hope turns out to be a bargain problem is lady was driving home, car overheated she pulled over and had it recovered home and was told head gasket not used to diesel myself so was wondering if any you guys had attempted to change the head gasket yourselves and is it difficult / anything i should watch out for? done a few petrol head gaskets, saxo vauxhall etc but never ford car is far too good and straight to scrap was well maintained etc no nasty brown stuff in the water expansion tank though when i dip the engine for oil it is obviously swimming in watery oil!! dont think she got a bad roasting think she was switched off right away when she started to steam but im guessing damage could already be done by then? warped head etc? and will not start at all is she worth fixing and has anyone on here done a similar job or a thread on doing it? size the torque head bolts are etc, a lot of questions i know sorry, but desperate for help and any help from you guys will be brilliant before i start my wee project, thanks for reading and any inside info tips etc appreciated george