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  1. Hi ross1985 I experienced the same as you on my new Fiesta, 1st to 2nd was terrible compared to my old 1998 Fiesta! I just persevered & it did improve the more miles I did!
  2. Any built from March 2010 will have the ESP fitted as standard. Before that date, it was an option.
  3. I was told (by my Ford dealer!) that you can take your Ford to any independant garage for servicing as long as they are VAT registered & use original Ford parts & it will not void your warranty. That's what I will be doing when mine is due its first service and at a fraction of the cost of the £195 the Ford dealer quotes!
  4. Esp

    ESP became standard on all Fiestas built from March 2010, models MY 2010.5 onwards. Before that it was an optional extra.
  5. Only had the amber or red snowflake showing it's bloomin cold!
  6. The gear changing on my Mk 7 1.25 Zetec was as you describe especially 1st to 2nd, although it did improve but it still feels 'clunky' at times. I thought it was just me, but if I'm honest I found the gear changes on my old Mk 4 1998 Fiesta Zetec much smoother than I do on the Mk 7!
  7. Sounds normal to me as mine do momentarily sense cars at the side when reversing...
  8. Have you tried turning the top of the key towards the rear of the vehicle twice within 3 seconds?
  9. Hi BHeart With regards to the voice control you say you are pressing the button on the left stalk. To me it sounds as if you are pressing the voice activation button which is on the left stalk especially as the "voice recognition" then appears on the display. To answer a call use the small 'M' button which is in the middle of the mini audio controls on the left side of the actual steering wheel. Also when you have an incoming call if you look at the bottom of the display, there are options along the bottom, one of which is 'answer', press the corresponding button of the 4 which appear in 2's either side of the door lock button & hazard warning light on the dashboard.
  10. 2,400 miles since end May 2010
  11. Have you raised the point about the damage with the dealer? With regards to the mileage, my Fiesta had 6 miles on it upon collection & new cars I've had in the past have only been about 10 miles maximum. Think I would have queried the 80 mileage if it was me!
  12. I have it on my Zetec built April 2010!
  13. My service book was in the folder with the manual when I picked up my car. Ring your dealer & ask them for one!
  14. Hi Steamrunner I ordered a car that was being held at the Ford Holding Compound & I specified a spare wheel at the time of order. However, the Fiesta arrived at the dealer without the spare wheel. It was actually the dealer who put a spare wheel in for me when I picked the car up. This was supplied to me free of charge. I would negotiate with your dealer as I am sure they are quite capable of doing this for you at no extra cost!