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  1. Things I Don't Like

    sorry web builders but i have to agree, make it complicated and members wont bother with it,i think it now takes twice as long to scan topics
  2. Cam Belt Fail

    the question to ask is how did the oil get onto the belt? and to make sure it dose not happen in the future.
  3. Injector Damage Issue

    the other problem is that when fitting a helicoil you have to redrill and tap out the hole to fit the new helicoil,you may get the swarf fall into your engine from doing this.
  4. Got Flashed At A Red Light!!!

    front facing Truveio cameras use an infrared flash as not to distract drivers so if you saw the falsh it was not a Truveio camera,
  5. I would say the problem is with the garage that did the tracking did not lock the steering wheel to the central position before adjusting the tracking which would cause the steering wheel to be of center.
  6. any physical alteration to the turbo will throw it of balance, lots of companys due a spray turbo cleaner so try on of these first.
  7. wow no help within 15 mins from the forum at 10pm so decided to have a go because jmurry decided to delete his own post, then wonders why he gets no assistance what an attitude.well said Stoney & Sean.
  8. the P132b code is often thrown up when the electronic turbo actuator is inactive, this is usually down to either sticking vanes in the turbo or the actuator itself playing up, the actuators can suffer from dry solder joints or wires coming adrift inside on the circuit board, if you disconnect the arm of the actuator you can check to feel any resistance on the vanes also check to see if the arm moves when the car is should move back and forth for a second.
  9. Hello Need Help Asap

    it was a common problem on the mk3 that the bottom intercooler pipe rattled against the sub frame and was cured by wedging some foam inbetween the pipe, but not heard of this on the mk4 but its one thing to check.
  10. there is no easy way it just get your hands dirty time and feel all the pipes you can ,sometime the splits are not easy to find
  11. cold start problems could be a sign that the glow plugs are past there best or not working so i would check that they are heating up correctly, the egr valve can be removed and cleaned out its a messy job but worth the effot.
  12. it could have been a rubber hose under the bonnet, check all the turbo and intercooler hoses for signs of splitting or holes.
  13. Traffic Announcement Volume

    can you set the volume in the main menu ?
  14. Airbag Flashing Light

    when you disconnected the plugs did you check for and damaged wiring,also try an electrical switch cleaner on the plugs.
  15. Mondeo Mk3 2.2 Tdci Issues

    for an extra £14 i know which i would buy