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    I bought my Ford Fiesta in October 2006 (ex mobility car) it's an 02 plate. I've had the EAC Fail problem for the last 4 years, been backwards and forwards to my local Ford dealer several times over the last 4 years and forked out alot of money in repairs. I am still having the same problem. My car is not only now losing power but also completey cutting out - very dangerous if travelling on the motorway! I've written to Ford Motor Company twice over the last 4 years, they deny all knowledge of this being a 'common problem' so are unwilling to help me. Despite the fact that there are various website forums with owners experiencing the same problem. I don't enjoy driving my car anymore and feel anxious every time I get in it. I have recently been in touch with Trading Standards who have been extremely helpful and advised me of my legal rights as a consumer. I have also recently written to BBC Watchdog. My car went in for repair (yet again) on 14/06/10 and failed the following day. This is causing me a great deal of stress and inconvenience. I would urge everyone with the same problem to write to Ford Motor Company and/or contact your local Trading Standards. All I want is a reliable car that is SAFE to drive !