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  1. Ford Ambassador Scheme Help??

    anyone at all? please?
  2. Hi guys, i'm pretty new on here but been a member of FiestaNetwork for a number of years now. I'm currently in the market for a brand new ford focus and when i went for a test drive, the sales guy said about the ambassador scheme - i'm informed i can get money off my new car if i have a 'friend' thats works for Ford... My question is.... would anyone here, working for Ford, like to be my 'friend' in order for me to get the scheme discount in exchange for some beer vouchers...?? please reply or message me as i'd really like to get things sorted. Many, many thanks in advance Paul.
  3. Focus Titanium Headling

    hi thanks for the pics - yeh i didnt realise either until a quick look online last night - the 2010 focus titanium has a 'woven' headling - may i ask what model/year yours is? thanks for the pics as well :)
  4. Hopefully be getting a new focus titanium shortly which comes with sony dab stereo - it has the option of the usb which sounds quite handy as i do like to listen to my ipod tunes in the car - does anyone have any experience using this and how good is it? many thanks, Paul.
  5. Focus Titanium Headling

    hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a focus titanium tdci shortly and have heard it has a special headlining? woven or something? whats so special and anyone got any pics of one as Ford didnt have any titanium's in to show me :(