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  1. I get 82 megs on my fiber broadband and thats pretty good for around here 😀 The NetGear GS305 and GS308 are highly recommended if required at a later date, I've researched plently prior to purchase myself.
  2. True the network is only as fast as the weakest point; I've put in flat CAT7 cables from the main router in the livingroom to each of the three bedrooms upstairs there pre-terminated 50m cables but my NetGear 8 port and 5 port LAN (Local Area Network) routers are only capable of 1GB I'm not sure what the main router from the network provider is rated for probably less; which would mean that even the Gigabit LAN (Local Area Network) routers are not achieving potential at present time neither😕 When choosing the cables I wanted the latest speed transfer version as I have installed them inside a pipe under the concrete floor downstairs along side sky cables which feeds up inside the wall in the kitchen through to the attic then dropped down the partition walls in to each room where the 4 port LAN router's split the feed to each of the devices. At this point I put in a 1" flexi drain pipe containing HDMi cables and power feed for TV inside wall, the pipe allows free movement of cables meaning excess length can be pulled back to read of cabinet👍 I'm then using short 1.0 meter cables to link devices to the LAN routers, The 8 port model is in the livingroom it takes a feed from the main router and distributes to the devices in the cabinet, The 5 port model is in the bedroom which distributes to the tv and Internet Radio. they may achieve full speed some day 😁 I wanted to keep as far ahead as possible when installing because there now permanently in the wall and floor,
  3. 😩on them now myself 👇
  4. I had a similar problem with sky and results were "new customers only" when I wanted to get a sky box with the WiFi built in to access movie downloads, So I terminated contract; phoned them and said I was moving to another house where I would be renting a room and the landlord lives in house already had sky in it. they couldn't try offer me any alternatives with that story 😉 we then went to the local CarPhoneWarehouse where I got the wife to sign up to sky as a new customer using the same address and the same direct debit details as the old subscription. I just removed my sky card when I knew the installer was arriving. Results were; we got the new sky box for free aswell as half price bill for six months 😀 next time I'll sign up as the new customer again 👍 and regarding the RJ45 network cables; if possible and where it is possible you should try upgrading the cables to CAT7 there capable of up to 10Gb per second data transfer, I bought all mine from various ebay sellers "Ibra" is a good brand if you search for "ibra Cat7"
  5. The guy i knew with the focus used around three or four packs of the stuff 😁 The amount you have used doesn't seem excessive and you have achieved the desired effect, that's pretty good work 👍
  6. Say nothing; take off the old spoiler, calmly walk across the road and beat him repeatedly then walk away three steps before returning to give em a kick.😁
  7. The only connector left on it is; the loom plug in to the led brake light unit. Also put a blanket on the roof to protect from scratching when fitting.
  8. Do they do the switches in black aswell? And I hope you acknowledge the little things as much with the wife as you do the focus or she will be well peeved 😁
  9. I assume that's an ST spoiler for a mk2 & mk2.5 focus? The st has a different loom connector, If you had purchased it brand new from ford; it wouldn't have a loom connector atall it comes with crimps instead, But both on the high level brake light look are black 😅 so you need to turn on the ignition and press the brake pedal using either; A: the missus or B: the head and handle of the vacuum cleaner jammed between pedal and seat to act as a foot activating the brake lights while you wire in the new loom using crimps and pvc tape. also before fitting purchase some bathroom silicone and apply a ring of it around each bolt hole between the outside boot and the spoiler. this prevents the common boot leak problem from ever happening to you Hi5🙋
  10. 😯
  11. I recommended some DEi Boom speaker baffles I've fitted in all four doors and they work great enhancing sound and preventing speakers rattling the panels, I've been in a fellow members focus before which had the silent coat fitted and personally im not a fan purly due to its weight and the effect that can have on fuel consumption but I suppose it also depends on how much of the stuff is used aswell.
  12. Some "lemsip cold&flu" tablets are brilliant there a green&red box
  13. Yep, the vaccine contains a minute percentage of the flu virus to create the biological antibodies within your immune system preventing you from catching the full flu virus, If you get the vaccine again next year it won't affect you as much as your already a subscriber 😁
  14. Every rose has it's thorn #YesItDoes