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  1. You would need a new box for best results, as without a box atall a universal mushroom will such in moisture and heat, If you have a 2005-2008 1.6tdci you can swap the box for the cylinder housing which is exactly the same unit fitted to the stock RS focus. a K&N57s can then be fitted or an alternative cylinder upgrade.
  2. A Green Cotton induction filter would be best for MPG and if you can get some NGK Irridium spark plugs for that model then go for those too. Also maintain tyre pressure and build up revs slowly
  3. Thanks for viewing and comments mate, you done alot to your previous focus; modifing cars is adictive and rewarding, posting on forums it becomes more competitive and before you know it your doing things just for the sake of updating the build thread, I wasted copious amounts of money looking back on it now, I wouldn't do half the stuff again I should have invested in the house sooner and the missus is alot happier since I've stopped doing the car aswell. when we started saving for our house we were renting but we worked out a plan at the start of the year that we would have 10,000 saved by the following January. saving is difficult and some weeks can leave you quite broke which is the point where people tend to give up on saving. but we wrote out a page like this, €5, €10 €15 €50 €70 €500 and so on until it all added up to a total of 10,000 Each pay day we would choose the affordable balance and transfer it to the joint savings account. Some weeks were difficult when rent and annual car insurance were due but that week we put €30 in to savings and crossed it off the list. This kept the savings goal alive because we were still making progress and still crossing a figure off the list even though it wasn't alot we were still involved in moving it forward. just thought id share that strategy may be of interest.
  4. I've fitted WF100 sattelite shotgun cable aswell 👍75 ohm two chairs and a broom stick to roll it off the coil without it twisting there's also 4G signal filters which block out LTE broadband interference
  5. Webro WF100 is the best shielded coaxial cable out there for otimum signal 👍
  6. I do plenty of miles around 40,000 per year, work is only 20km each way per day but we go far at the weekends and summer holidays. always fitted AVON ZV5 stick to the road very well as used by the Po Po aswell 🚔😉
  7. Yeah usually takes three days from Ireland unfortunately.
  8. I wasn't even drinking though 😣
  9. There mk3 focus alloys mate, fiesta wouldn't fit as there 4 bolt and focus is 5 bolt but you can fit 18" on the fiesta 😅 focus will take 20" BMW X5 rims but in a 15mm tyre profile be like elastic bands on the rim 😂 I got the mortgage first then two kids and started on the car then, now finished the car, I've got three kids and now improving the house instead of the car😁 thread here:
  10. The cables can be accessed under the carpet next to the door sill inside the chassis, but to lift the carpet and get at them you need to take out the rear seat using a TX40 Torx to allow you lift the carpet Rear Left Speaker Cables: Rear Right Speaker Cables: If it was my focus; I'd purchase some insulated crimp spade connectors such as these in motorfactors for few pennys👇 now working at the rear of the headunit I'd leave 2" inches from the headunit connector and snip the audio feeds to the rear speakers and crimp them in to male spade connectors along with the front speakers, That would be "+ positive" front left & "+ positive" Rear left joined in one male crimp connector. Again for "- Negative" Front right & "- Negative" Front right joined in one male crimp connector. Basically your pairing up the left side of the car in to two crimps and the right side of the car in to another two crimps. Then crimp female insulated crimps to the front audio outputs from the headunit. I'm 90% sure all speakers will work without any issuses as the problem is within the headunit itself. This method using crimps is the easiest solution to the current problem and can easily be reversed if you were to change the headunit at a later date.
  11. Diet coke one's are silver 👌 I put six months of research and planning in to my audio/visual install there's a beautiful set of 18" here going very cheap and should be exactly the same fitment link:
  12. Sorry to say I won't be selling the alloys mate, I bought them one by one from Ford for 395 euro each without tyres, there genuine 2008 onwards facelift ST alloys, the market is full of replicas some places selling your for a little more than that money so I wouldn't get what there worth second hand in a market where most people just want the apperance, so I'll be keeping them in my attic if i ever get a Mondeo or somthing similar in the future they will go on it instead but at present I am improving the home which is taking alot of money and it's cheaper to replace 16" tyres so there coming off and I'm purchasing some 16" alloys for 350 euro which will be cheaper to maintain at a time where funds are required elsewhere. Here's a link to the vibe fast plug connector: if mounting an amplifier separately then the MDF panel is a good idea, You may use four plastic coke bottle caps or in my case i used some aluminium bearings to space the amplifier out from the carpeted mdf as this spacing allows air to travel 360 degree's around the amplifier to keep it as cool as possible.
  13. When wiring in the sub; if the power cable doesn't unplug from the tube then you may consider fitting one of these "FastPlugs" I've got one on my panel which makes it very safe and easy to unplug it and remove at times when the boot isimt big enough and I need to fold the seats down link:
  14. Yep 18x8 inch tyres are 225/35/18 There coming off it next month as costing me 520 per year in tyres but handle like a Boss
  15. Anytime it's a pleasure 👍 does it have a plug in loom or hard wired?