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  1. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan whom was the lead singer of "the cranberries" aged only 47 pronounced dead at a hotel room in London while planning a new recording They had some huge hits in the 90's yet the poor girl suffered from alot growing up may she now be granted eternal peace.
  2. Most efficint is the Green Cotton Best for performance is the K&N E-2993
  3. Things I Do Like

    😂 ive saw signs being used as oil sump guards when the vehicle is Dirt Nasty Low
  4. Living Room Project

    I've not updated the thread in quite a while now, My chosen image host "Photobucket" is requesting an annual fee of €300 I've transferred images over for this thread across the festive season which has taken me quite some time but thankfully its now back up to date, I'll be piecing this update together across the day to fill it with images the project has expanded rather than completed, Ill be throwing another 10-12K at it again across this year but i don't expect it to be completed by the end of this year neither considering the cost of some items such as a new front door circa 3-3.5k and free standing cast iron letter box another 500 but it will be well thoughtout and quality when finished. So here's what's been happening since eh February 😯 didn't think it was that long since I updated😅 Well first following the raising up of the living room lightswitch; I continued to raise all of the downstairs light switches up to a more comfortable height of 145cm from the floor to centre of switch Still needs a sanding and another paint but almost complete The plan this year is to change the downstairs interior door frames and doors to solid Oak, The main reason for change is because the existing ones had saddle boards which we won't be fitting again in the future resulting In a gap between the existing door and floor where the saddle boards used to be. As part of the change; we also wanted the kitchen door to be hung on the opposite side of the frame, since the existing pine doors and frames are destined for a skip; I took off the door and hung it on the opposite side of the frame to save myself having to remember that change when having the replacements installed. Having the door swinging open on the opposite side also ment the light switch had to be put on the opposite side of the wall aswell so here we are: Hammer, chisel, and spirit level Located the original conduit then cut around it to access the cables followed by extending down to the opposite side of the frame👍 Having changed the radiator in the living room and the hallway to Milano at an earlier date we decided to install them throughout the house as there steel construction instead of standard aluminium they spread the heat faster and more consistent; there design also provides more surface to air contact helping the dispersion. In preparation for fitting then the tiles in the kitchen had to be removed aswell as the holes from the original radiator filled and painted prior to fitting the new Milano because the gaps in the radiator allow the wall behind to be saw as result it must be perfect. Chased out some of the floor and wall to recess the radiator pipes the same as the hall and living room, looks much cleaner and easier to clean the floor without obstruction. I then removed all of the original radiators upstairs, filled the walls and sanded smooth prior to newly painting each of the rooms in preparation for the Milano radiators. Also chiseled out a small section of the floor to allow the pipes recess in to the wall the same as downstairs👍 While I was busy filling and painting the rooms; a new network provider was busy chasing out the pavements in our estate. Virgin Media were laying down some fibre optic cables 😁 I was delighted to see them installing while I still had the livingroom in its bare state; because I have all the other network providers already seamlessly installed within the home, it was a good time to welcome VirginMedia in to the home aswell. 3 months after they had layed down the green pipes, I was able to sign up and get the fibre optic cable run in to the house. The installation process cost me €240 but it was worth it for 360mb broadband and decent range of channels also worth getting installed while the living room was bare because it's all seamless now when finished, "Insert image" The only issue I have with the install is they run a coaxial cable up the front of the house in to the attic, I will take the time to route this cable up through the hotpress in to the attic myself at a later date but well worth it as there's VirginMedia in every room the same as sattelite, Terrestrial & CAT7 RJ45 internet connection. I've since filled in gaps around the livingroom sockets aswell as giving it two coats of white paint and installing the 8 port NetGear Gigabit LAN router In the master bedroom Then; I plan to mount the television on the wall at the bottom of the bed, with the entertainment devices on top of the wardrobe, The method is much the same as that in the living room where I've used a 1.5" flexi drain pipe to house the cables within the wall. Rather than chasing out the wall to house the 1.5" pipe, I've only removed the plaster and I plan to sheet the wall with 1.5" insulated plasterboard which will also keep noise levels down from next door. "Bedroom cables Fused switch for sockets LAN Router" Relocated the immersion switch away from view in the landing and inside the hotpress door along with the TimeGuard switch to automatically turn off the immersion after a set duration of time 👍 Most recently picked up this distressed looking arch mirror for the wall on the landing at the top of the stairs, This mirror is somthing the wife really wanted to have positined there, Unfortunately when mounted on the wall; it's covering the light switch, So I've marked out the wall on the opposite side and drilled in to the cavity in preparation for the electrician (my dad) to re-route the switch at a later date. That's all progress up to date, next update may be June/July
  5. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    It arrived by courier yesterday and I didn't open it until last night as I was waiting on my existing number to transfer aswell as the delivery of the OtterBox case which I highly recommend its a bit expensive compared to ebay sales but it fits like a glove and isint loose or bulkey. The purchase of the phone came with a free Soundwave Bluetooth speaker which I don't personally have a use for but the wife won't let me stick it up on ebay 🤣 The phone comes with a little usb adaptor, if your existing phone was an android then you can plug it directly in to the Samsung S8 and transfer every contact, text message, photo, video, call log and app across from your old device to the S8 by just plugging them together I think that feature really saves alot of time, my old phone was a "Samsung Galaxy Core Prime" The curved or wrap around screen also feels great in your hand. I've just setup the usual apps and my email on it at the moment I've not had time to add any new apps to it yet or explore the features although I did find one feature which stops the screen from turning off while your looking at it 😅 somehow it sences your eye and keeps the screen illuminated. This is my first message on it too
  6. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I'll edit what Wikipedia says later 😁
  7. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Checked profile page🙊 born 84
  8. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Your a year older than I am FFS 😅
  9. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    BoSelecta was a show on channel 4 back in the late 90's when Keith lemon first started on television; he used to impersonate Craig David prentending he had a pet falcon called Kes aswell as Michael Jackson and Melanie B from the spice girls.
  10. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    That Bixby feature sounds excellent, I'm always getting in to the car then turning on Bluetooth and spotify then turning bluetooth volume up full and acknowledging the volume warning; prior to driving anywhere 😅 would be ideal if it did all that itself.
  11. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    my wifes old Galaxy J3 (2016 model) used to do that aswell. Is that Kes in the photo from BoSelecta? 😅
  12. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Thank mate, My Wife had an iPhone 5s few years ago, she had difficulty when changing back to Android a few years later regarding images of our children from birth to few years older which the iPhone had automatically stored on "the cloud" almost impossible to transfer. Much easier with Android just use a micro SD
  13. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    It seems a bit big for me and there €200 more expensive on billpay than the S8
  14. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Thanks for all the response so far guy's I really appreciate it, I have a bit of info now to add myself; I went to the local CarPhoneWarehouse to have a look at the disply models for both the S8 and S8+ Before holding the actual models in my hand I was planning to purchase the S8+ but after seeing them in reality I'll be going for the S8 as the plus model is almost as tall as a pint glass 😯 and would be even bigger with a case to protect it, I'm forever in blue jeans kinda fella and would struggle to fit it in my pocket although it may impress some of the mothers during the school run 😁 it's only my phone. I've also looked at reviews and discovered the only differences between the S8 and the S8+ is that the S8+ has a bigger screen and a 500mah more battery, everything else is identical on both models and experts suggest the bigger screen will use that extra bit battery so essentially there both the same just 1" inch bigger. I wasn't aware that there waterproof I won't be intentionally testing that feature 😅 I would like to have a phone with a good camera as we have three kids growing up fast and I've just put an assortment of picture frames around the house which need to be filled, Ideal to have a good quality camera always at the ready. I wasn't aware the edge of the screen had a tab feature I always thought it was just more screen. I've been looking at those OtterBox cases and they look fantastic but the price is a bit high. Yet I think I'll go for one of them as our son likes to watch YouTube "put diggie's on your phone there dad" JCB's and tractors 😅 Last Thursday I made my first attempt to purchase the S8, I'm currently with VirginMedia for TV and Internet and it made sence to add the phone to the same contract, The first reason they wouldn't let me purchase was because this month's bill was outstanding although it's setup for direct debit😞 they can take it themselves WTF. So I manually paid the bill, then they say it takes up to 48hrs for payment to display on the account. Friday they took payment for the bill via direct debit 😂 so there paid twice now It was Saturday when payment finally appeared on the account, I then attempted to purchase the S8 for €150 upfront and they then said I need to email them photo ID and proof of address, Done that and Saturday night they came back to say they want €500 upfront for the phone but the monthly payment would be less. The cowboys already charged me twice for November and kept me waiting two days, now they want four times more for the phone, So I scrapped that purchase plan and feeling quite deflated I had a few drinks Saturday night as ive not bought myself anything all year been working 6 days per week since Christmas putting all funds in to living and improving the house. I then logged on to one of there competitors websites and found they had a Black Friday weekend Sale 🙌 Between the alcohol and the excitement I acidently signed up for the S7 for €1 😣 I ment to get the S8 😢 so i logged on again and signed up for the S8 at an initil cost of €120🙌 I've gotta call them today and cancel the S7 under the Terms & Conditions there's a 14 day cooling off period where you can cancel the contract so it should be fine 😥 They didn't give me any hassle like VirginMedia accepted I.D and payment straight away no issues atall. I now plan to purchase an OtterBox case after the phone arrives. I'll update soon
  15. TomTom or Garmin?

    Ow rite, I thought it was to do with your job 😅