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  1. New tdci owner

    Welcome to the forum, Have you blanked the EGR Valve; My full list of Guides are also available here:
  2. Things I Do Like

    I think Monster is American, Tesco sell it in all different colours,
  3. Things I Do Like

    Monster Assault Energy Drink mixed with Captain morgan's 👀 stumbled across this combination while clearing out the fridge and had no coca-cola left, couldn't drive to shops 😀 for more so tried the Monster "no pun intended"
  4. Things I Do Like

    😯that's like saying "can we charge you an extra 50 quid" If they say "nice focus" that's another 50 quid aswell 😣 😁
  5. Hi I hope you dont mind me contacting you, I have a Mk2 (2010) Focus 1.6 and I noticed in some of the pics of the interior of your car that you have a silver colour blanking panel below the heated windscreens switches ( this is where the cigarette lighter port is) Can you tell me if this came fitted or did you add it aftermarket?

    Also is that plate able to open to access the cigarette port or is it fixed in position?


    Would like to add 1 of these to my car if it is an aftermarket option.


    Thanks for you time



    1. Lenny


      Hi David,


      On the forum it's known as "the garage door" It came from Ford as standard, 

      it's on a spring push and it slides in behind dash to appear like yours currently is. 

      Perhaps pick up one on eBay:

      here's install Guide too;
  6. Focus Mk2.5 TDCi 1.6 TPS

    Throttle position sensor perhaps have the perimeters of the sensor recalibrated, i think this can be done yourself using a modified ELM327
  7. You could slide a small section of MDF inside the flat surface of the drivers side wheel arch and mount on to the carpet. Alternatively if the amp is small enough you could mount it on the boot door panel.
  8. You may also like to view my guide on custom built removable MDF amp panel:
  9. I started out with exactly the same plan as you there mate, I wanted to mount mine flush underneath the panel aswell but sadly; amplifiers generate alot lot of heat and use there aluminium case as a heat sink to cool itself down, as result; fitting the amplifier upside down or horizontally without atleast 4" inch clearance above. it's going to heatsoak and cook itself and burn out. there are different classes of amplifiers too, "Class C" are very common and dont gemerate as much heat comparing to class A or B my amplifiers are "Class D" and after using for one hour; I can feel them quite warm indeed. class B, and C automatically shut off it gotten too hot but class D just lowers volume until cooler but only happened me once 😅 and I was kinda glad because it was Basin 🙉 Mounting at 45 degrees sort of got it the way I wanted aswell as satisfying the needs for clearance above the surface.
  10. Hi Kieran, Welcome to the forum, it's all in my build thread here in the following few pages with plenty of images if interested in sifting through it link: I got some metal like a coat hanger which I bent to create a template shape, I then took the template to a local iron works place that make garden gates and fences, asked them to bend some 1/2" inch wide brackets for me to match that shape, I then drilled the brackets to match up with the mounting holes of the amplifier. had the brackets powder coated black and mounted them to the plastic boot panel using four M6 bolts and large M6x25 "penny washers" to ensure good broad grip inside the plastic panel ensuring it doesn't rip out. Four M5 x 25mm Aluminium Allen head bolts Anodised Black, these will be used to grip the mono amp to the brackets Link: Next two items were from "Boltbase" supplied some M5 & M6 Stainless Steel Penny Washers to broaden the grip surface at the rear of the panels. Link: Next few items were from "KayFast1" supplied me with some A2 Stainless Steel M5 & M6 Nylon thread lock nuts, Link: They also supplied some M6 x 20 A2 Stainless Steel Hex bolts, for use in securing the Mono Amp brackets to the boot panel, Link: They also supplied some black plastic ball head nut caps to cover the ends of the M5 & M6 nuts at rear of the brackets for that OEM finish aswell as avoiding sharp edges. Link: M5 nut caps: M6 nut caps: however there's some on the way. fitted some M5 nut caps to prevent sharp edges in boot area👍
  11. Living Room Project

    The Oak Venitian blinds were fitted throughout the house yesterday, My first time having these; and I must say the bedroom one will be great for weeks im working night shift because they really block out the light when closed. The living room venitian I had fitted then taken down and put back in the packaging to protect from dust and paint, I'll refit it at a later date when the project is complete. My initial feeling was "😯 there a bit prison cell style" But then I discovered that they can be fully lifted just like a roller blind they fold up tight to the top I like that option for upstairs but when tv goes on the wall corresponding to the livingroom window; The blind will be ideal in the lowerd position while still letting light in at an adjustable angle. The guy fitting was an absolute Gentleman vacuumed up after himself with own vacuum cleaner and even fitted some Cleat hooks to the cords; main reason was for child safety to prevent them hanging themselves and also to protect paint work as the cord ends tend to smack around in a breeze. Overall well worth every penny👍 Next stage is; Recessing the radiator pipes in to the wall instead of existing way of coming up through the floor. For now though; im taking another break from the project and will get back to it in 3-4 weeks, It's comforting to have had the cable management all complete there's nothing left to be mindful of; encase some cable was to be forgotten or somthing I kept re-thinking it and doing a list, but thankfully all of that's now done and tidy. Plaster is drying out nicely too,
  12. Living Room Project

    It's very workable aswell; there's no wire inside the spring shaped coil it's pure rubber, I left it a bit long to ensure the builder would leave it exiting the hole in plaster at both ends, It was a bit long at the cabinet side and because it doesn't bend very tight i wanted to trim it back a bit; and im surprised to say it cut using only a scissors 👍 Thanks mate, Its really taking shape now the plastering is done 👍
  13. Living Room Project

    Builder arrived back this morning 10am and fitted the pipe full of wires in to the wall prior to slabbing both sides with 1.5" inch insulated plasterboards and plastering over them aswell as plastering the front wall and chimney breast. I'm extremely happy with today's progress and results, things are working out very well so far in the project 👍 I know the image of the front wall ☝there looks like it's all different levels but it's really 100% smooth, it will flatten out when undercoated and painted.
  14. I'd follow his recommendation of not blanking until after he is done remapping encase somthing goes wrong with his alterations he can't then blame you. Overall id say the main thing is; He knows where he stands with a completely standard base map. And can adjust that accordingly👍 As we know; blanking the egr valve slightly increases exhaust gas flow and reduces lag; this will adjust the dyno graph figures and possibly confuse him a bit when adding his perimiters for remapping. Bottom line; id just hold off on blanking until he is done remapping, and if he does electronically delete the egr valve; id still physically blank it because a bump in the road could cause the dead valve to open permanently if not physically blanked aswell then it could constantly contaminate the oil. If you can get your hands on a K&N57s Induction kit I highly recommend it for performance too 👍