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  1. Page Three
  2. I've just had an unnerving experience around 20 minutes ago. at 21:00 our 8yr old daughter came down from her bedroom to get a glass of water and took it to bed, At the time I was in the living room and the wife was out the back garden putting cloths in the dryer which is in the shed. I met our daughter in the hall way on her way back up stairs and said goodnight. I later went to check on them at 22:00 and they were asleep. then at 23:20 I'm still in the living room watching television, I hear stomping steps coming down the stairs initially thought it was my wife and the steps continued in to the kitchen, I went out to request that she walk more ninja style given the time of night. but to my shock l went in to the kitchen and it's our 8 year old daughter standing still and staring at the kitchen table 😦 I said "are you ok?" And there was no response just blankly staring at the kitchen table, I said "are you ok?" She slurred to say "I'm waiting" I said "waiting for what" She said "waiting for mammy" although I knew her mother was in bed I asked "where is she" she said "she's in the shed" and continued staring at the table 😟 I blessed myself and quietly ran up stairs and told the wife whom came down immediately to find out daughter still in the kitchen arms down by her side just staring at the table,😨 The wife put her arm around her and took her back to bed where she got in to bed and went back to sleep within 2 minutes. The wife says she was asleep the whole time and won't remember anything tomorrow but I'm completely freaked the hall out. she's never done anything like this before in her entire life
  3. The 407 looks like an Aston DBS 😉
  4. The 1.4TDCi 1.6TDCi 2.0TDCi and 1.4 Duratec engines are all manufactured by Peugeot and fitted to fords as a joint venture in lowering carbon emissions. hfree a focus with Vauxhall alloys 😂 took that picture personally no Photoshop it's reality HD valued at around 4K😁 now there's going to be Vauxhall engines
  5. All you need is a Haynes manual for the fiesta which is under 20 pounds it will show you the colour of speaker cables aswell as how to take out the headunit and one of these RCA adaptors: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252104551626 Also what type of bass are you looking to install? There's two types: There's loud bass from a ported enclosure which puts alot of noise in to the vehicle but not much resonance. then there's resonating bass which comes from a sealed enclosure; this bass shakes the car and everything around it particularly when listening to dubstep music 😁 I was in traffic and a car in front of me rolled down there window to look back at me as I could also feel the bass rattle in my chest.
  6. Hi Karl, No you can keep all the standard stuff you have fitted and still have a sub. The only sort of drawback or inconvenience compared to fitting an aftermarket headunit is; With the existing setup the sub will have a separate volume control knob like this: with an aftermarket headunit the sub volume control will be built in to the headunits software programme as saw here But the volume is in accordance with the volume of the headunit; it won't be a case of you pressing "mute" on the headunit but the sub keeps going, that won't happen. The standard headunit doesn't have an RCA output for an amplifier, so you need to purchase an RCA output adaptor, This connects to the existing speaker outputs and provides an RCA for connecting to an amplifier
  7. Hi your fiesta is a Mk7 or mk7.5 when searching for mods that's what your searching, the chassis is the same as all other mk7 fiestas so the ZetecS parts and possibly ST parts will fit too in terms of body and interior
  8. Hi, The click you hear in the passenger footwell is completely normal, it's the GEM computer sending the signal to the wiper switching on and then off after the set duration, You may like: Guide To De-Wiper Rear Of Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here will pass MOT can't test or fail what isint fitted to the vehicle 😉
  9. Because the power you connected from the 12v socket was spliced in to the headunit loom; it was sending power where it's not supposed to be sent in that method. The Speedo cluster loom is connected to the factory headunits loom for the purpose of call info display and Radio station information. See image here says "CD Track 8"
  10. Much cheaper to do this yourself by purchasing a Haynes manual it will show you exactly how to remove the panels, Everything else is plug & play Save yourself as much as 500 pounds by not paying someone else.
  11. Hi, you could paint it but From my own personal experience having fitted a Gloss black front splitter which was painted numerous times to cover stone chips; your much better to wrap it because the stones don't impact on the wrap as much as they do in paint. I used to spray mine every six months 😅
  12. You would need a new box for best results, as without a box atall a universal mushroom will such in moisture and heat, If you have a 2005-2008 1.6tdci you can swap the box for the cylinder housing which is exactly the same unit fitted to the stock RS focus. a K&N57s can then be fitted or an alternative cylinder upgrade.
  13. A Green Cotton induction filter would be best for MPG and if you can get some NGK Irridium spark plugs for that model then go for those too. Also maintain tyre pressure and build up revs slowly
  14. I've fitted WF100 sattelite shotgun cable aswell 👍75 ohm two chairs and a broom stick to roll it off the coil without it twisting there's also 4G signal filters which block out LTE broadband interference
  15. Webro WF100 is the best shielded coaxial cable out there for otimum signal 👍