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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading my phone as the existing one is starting to fail on me; the back button "↩" no longer works and the whole thing freezes up at times, but it's six years old now and has served me extremely well. I'm now looking at an upgrade and plan on purchasing either the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8 Plus and I'm interested to know is there much difference between them and does anybody have either model; what are they like to use; advantages aswell as disadvantages. I'll take all opinions on board aswell as post my own review when I finally decide on which model aswell. I've recently bought my wife a Galaxy J5 and it' pretty good but I don't want to get identical as there likely to get mixed up. Thanks very much 👍
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Put the seat back leave room to stretch your legs
  3. Things I Don't Like

    Same people tend to get out of the car and immediately pull up there trousers; 😦get yourself a belt for those and press the handbrake button
  4. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    Ideal humidity in winter should be around 35~45% If you have a cloths horse; this will contribute to moisture levels, May I suggest using an efergy WiFi control switch, this will also show you costs and enable you to set up a time clock function aswell as control it from anywhere in the world, I'e got two of these and used one on the kids party bouncing castle for a party once, i mainly have one on the fish tank light and another on the PlayStation to prevent my son from ejecting the disc link: https://www.electricalwholesaler.ie/products/plugssocketsswitches/domesticplugsswitchessockets/adapters/efergyegosmartwifisockethomecontroller
  5. Things I Do Like

    Will do mate, May be a couple of weeks Before I'm there as it's 40 minutes drive away in carlow town but I will get some KFC and get the camera out, Also saw this article recently about cats attraction to nothing but KFC yall https://www.google.ie/amp/s/gizmodo.com/this-story-about-feral-cats-eating-kfc-only-gets-weirde-1791026350/amp
  6. Things I Do Like

    While at KFC did you notice a gathering of cats around the parking area which is generally close to the drive-tru? Reason I ask is because there's always atleast 3 or 4 most I saw at once was 7 cats waiting around the Car park outside KFC staring in the Car Windows 😅 people must be throwing out the chicken bones or somthing. Just wondering if other KFC's are pussey magnets aswell or is it just out local
  7. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    Try using a dehumidifier for a while, nothing electrical or too expensive, Try the unibond dehumidifier to take moisture from the air, this will make it easier to heat the room aswell as more efficient. The dehumidifier will also show you how much moisture was in your space which sounds like there's quite a bit when the heater isint quite as it should be.
  8. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like totalling the household bills to realize that after working 20 double paid hours overtime last week; it equates to the exact amount of money required to clear them all 😐 No bills but also not much left to show for the extra time spent working.
  9. will 18 x 8j alloys fit my 2014 fiesta 1.25

    Better to keep 16" wheels and lower it on eibach springs aswell as having the tracking alignment set correctly after lowering, It will handle like a Go Kart without any reduction in acceleration. I've had 18x8 on my focus and after two years I went back to16's because I had a puncture twice and didn't know until the tyre was shot because of the 35mm reinforced sidewall in the tyres, the tyres last maximum 9 months and cost over 100 pounds each, the rims themselves also fracture easily on speed bumps etc. Everything there telling you is true.
  10. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    Triple Glazed French doors are completely draught free 👍
  11. Keeping Boxes for 12 months cover?

    Probably the storage wars people buying all the empties to help auction off some units 😂
  12. Keeping Boxes for 12 months cover?

    Before disposing or i should say recycling the packaging of popular items; i suggest you check on eBay to see if that particular packaging is a selling item, I know that people buy&sell PlayStation packaging, possibly for instances where they want the item to appear as being new; for santa delivery or birthday gift
  13. Things I Don't Like

    The exhaust tip needs to come up and face the sky with a 45 degree slash cut tip, it's all part of the "slammed" "Rat look" German style
  14. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    From previous experience mate; I would avoid sitting next to a heater because you can get fond of the radiance quite quickly which will cost you alot on electricity. Here's an economical option; there highly regarded costs 70% less to run and can be painted to match the wall colour. https://purchase.ie/product/energy-saving/eco-panel-heater Alternatively here's the electric range of Milano radiators from best heating, I've got these Milano radiators fitted throughout my house connected to my oil boiler but the radiators are identical in electric form with the same outstanding output compared to standard connector type radiators 👍 https://www.bestheating.ie/electric-heating/electric-designer-radiators.html May I also recommend fitting a TimeGuard switch either the plug in filter version; Plug In Time version: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Timeguard-TGBT6-Plug-In-Countdown-Timer-Boost-Time-Switch-2hr-1hr-1-2hr-1-4hr/162707926815 Plug In Thermostat vesion: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Timeguard-TRT05-Electronic-Plug-In-Thermostat-ET05-Temperature-Controller/282272345471 Or hard wired version; https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Timeguard-TGBT4-Electronic-Boost-Timer-3-KW-White/1040172358 The Fused spur version basically has a 13A fuse same as a plug top but hard wired instead of plug: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Timeguard-2-Hour-Electronic-Boost-Timer-Fused-Spur-FBT4/322787775228 I've got both types and highly recommend them, I've got one time version on my immersion switch and the plug in one is on the kids television aswell as the clothes iron in the kitchen Radiator foil is also good stuff; I've used it before on the original radiators which reflects the head out to the room instead of soaking in to the wall Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-M-RADIATOR-HEAT-BACK-REFLECTOR-FOIL-INSULATION-FILM-ADHESIVE-ENERGY-SAVING-860/331091481634 Another factor to consider is moisture in the air; because the more moisture the more difficult it is to retain heat in the space, Try fitting a dehumidifier and replace the tablet disc as they deteriorate, the deterioration process will slow down as the moisture levels drop and your heating bill will also begin to drop as the space retains the heat much better, here's a cost effective unit from Unibond doesn't use any fans or electricity, will save you time on heading up the space aswell as money. link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIBOND-AERO-360-PURE-MOISTURE-ABSORBER-DEHUMIDIFIER-SYSTEM-DEVICE-REFILL/253162863536