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  1. Angry like a bag of weasels 😁
  2. 😦Share the wealth 📬
  3. As far as I'm aware the vet won't neuter if the car has been mixing with others encase there's a bun in the oven.🐱+🐈=🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈
  4. Contacted Moy Park via Twitter to ask if there "Family Pack" ment that the package contained; A granny, a mother and a daughter chicken. But they respond to inform me that the "family pack" term is to describe or insinuate that the contents of the package are to be served to a number of people rather than a single individual serving. 😁 Top Respect
  5. May I recommend an upgrade induction filter yes they do them straight swap👇 http://www.nbstyling.co.uk/store/?pID=43 and an egr blanking plate👇 http://www.nbstyling.co.uk/store/?pID=25 and some day maybe some day a hybrid turbo taking up to 130bhp 👇 http://www.nbstyling.co.uk/store/?pID=61
  6. Four times I wrote that post then thought "nah it's a juvenile comment" but fifth time around; well I got sick of talking myself out of posting it 😁
  7. 😯wish I had a bj in my shed
  8. Forgot to mention the vasectomy aswell 😁
  9. I can't help it 🙊
  10. Take the stripes off your focus, Remove the K&N57s induction filter upgrade and refit the stock followed by removing the 18" rims and refitting some 16" and start improving the house instead of the car 😅
  11. A K&N57s will give you more induction noise aswell.
  12. And work mates start to call you "Granddad" 😅 well that's how it is with one guy in my job anyway.
  13. Looking forward to pictures, You will need a TX40 Torx for the rear seat and TX50 Torx for the front seats both available from Halfords
  14. I've got Fast and Furious 7 on dvd still in the plastic wrap, Had to purchase the DVD from sky in order to be able to download a copy on to the satellite box at the time 😧