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  1. I'm in for 8 hours but have only gotten three hours sleep so far, due to heart burn and excitement that it's my last time in work until Friday next week 🙌
  2. I've just found this to be available and added it to next month's shopping list as I'll be using it in two bedrooms atleast 👍 it is a bit pricey but takes a load of stress out of fishing cables through partition walls with minimum drilling making it right first time.
  3. I've just found this to be available and added it to next month's shopping list as I'll be using it in two bedrooms atleast 👍 it is a bit pricey but takes a load of stress out of fishing cables through partition walls with minimum drilling making it right first time.
  4. 😀 My current provider is home phone broadband and Tv all through the phone line was only €30 per month for the first 6 months then a spot roasting €90 per month for the remaining 12 months of the contract so I'm going to switch soon when contract ends.
  5. Is a shame that you cant get +HD from sky anymore no only the Q stuff; but ive bought a brand new 2TB Sky+HD box on ebay along with some new smart eyes and the sky viewing card is compatible, so I'm going for that because I can share it throughout the house. there really pushing the Q over here offering free 32" LG television Model: 32LH510BTV with any 12 month contract
  6. Ive just confirmed that the SkyQ viewing card can be used with a Sky+HD box without any problem, The viewing cards haven't changed atall 👍 so when I register as a new customer; I've just gotta talk the Sky installer down off my roof as I don't want a hybrid LNB 😁 please dont touch my dish bro, look come down off the roof; I've gotta cup of tea down here and some mcvities Caramel Digestives. If he can leave my setup alone great and if he leaves me the kit even better😁 I'll sell it on ebay #ChaChing
  7. See the people at "Reckitt Benckiser's Group PLC" know the Scotts are hardy; and wouldn't be willing to pay double the price for the flu tablets unlike the irish 😣man flu😩
  8. No fair you get 16 capsules we only get 12 😦 mine cost €5.76 aswell 😣
  9. 😉
  10. Excellent thanks mate 👍
  11. I dunno but sounded good 😅
  12. Cops Gonna Get the Duster 😁 Hey thanks to the DashCam view the cops gonna impound the Duster.
  13. Couldn't you save this web page as a bookmark then copy and paste the symbol. then create a new folder on the desktop screen with the folder name being "@" then it's always there to be copied and pasted 👍
  14. I work with a guy whom used to work for a sattelite and aerial installation company and last night we had a good chat about sky and the new SkyQ etc. he has told me that there are three reasons why the new SkyQ multiroom doesn't use a satellite feed and uses wifi instead. 1. Is to save time and money on installation as sky don't have to route extra cable. 2.The SkyQ LNB has somthing built in which blocks the functions of dream box's and dodgy box users from viewing. 3. And this is quite interesting; is to prevent you from being able to share your sky subscription with a family member for less than half price. he explains that with normal Sky+HD multiroom you get two viewing cards from sky, one for the main box and one for the second box which goes in another room kitchen or bedroom, and connects to the sattelite in the same way the main box does. Apparently alot of people were phoning sky to say: "my multiroom box has broken, but I have another Sky+HD box here, can you activate the multiroom card on that box instead please" Sky would activate the second viewing card on the second Sky+HD box which people were then giving to another household such as there parents house providing them with a full sky subscription including pause&record at the cost of multiroom and it would be operating on a separate satellite dish anywhere in the country saving over 20 pounds per month. This is the reason skyQ multiroom works on WiFi signal to ensure it stays within the house and not at someone elses place 😂 Genius I have now a question for @Stoney871 🙋since you were saying that you have the new SkyQ installed im interested to find out; Does the main box still take a viewing card?😯 my reason for asking is because I want to become a sky customer again but I don't want to have the new SkyQ, I want to keep my existing Sky+HD equipment, Sky are only providing the Q equipment now they don't offer the +HD anymore, so I'm hoping the SkyQ still operates using a viewing card which will enable me to continue using the Sky+HD equipment instead of having to go with SkyQ thanks mate.
  15. Persistence and some rough love, See I'd have been arrested for that but with the car; it's ok