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  1. Teak wind deflectors? Should match the wallnut dash inserts nicely 😉
  2. First bit of trouble the focus has ever given me has appeared at 208,000km It's also a common problem and it's a leaking fuel injector seal. Found by signs of oil & fuel on top of the engine aswell as a smell of oil in the car when stopped in traffic.
  3. "Shove on" your knickers your mother's coming up the stairs, That's how you say Siobhan 😁 "Tadgh Woods" is "Tiger woods" without the "Rrrr" bit It's Irish for Tim,
  4. Lenny is pronounced the same way lenny is in the simpsons.
  5. I bought them from a random ebay seller, I then became a seller purchasing them directly from China for €3.40 per set 😀 selling on eBay for 10 pounds per set under the name Mr.ChaChing that site "Taobao" was then closed I'm no longer a seller as china now sell directly on ebay themselves cut me out of the equasion and destroyed my empire 😁 any ebay seller will do mate, I created a Guide on fitting
  6. That's my Son Tadhg, he's only 6 months old in that pictures but almost two now
  7. I've got tinted Heko fitted and prefer the profile compared to ClimAer as the Heko don't protrude out too much where ClimAer remind me of a Mitsubishi Pajero
  8. When your on nightshift every third week finishing at 7am on Thursday morning. Then Friday nights are 8hrs triple paid optional hours with no rota 🙌😀 there's been lads took week off holidays but worked the Friday 😂
  9. Great deal there, seems strange though investing much time in sourcing lowest cost poo bags I'm impressed 👍
  10. 🙌Finally found a sattelite and terrestrial aerial installer whom is happy to work with me on completing installation of the items I've purchased myself to fit on the roof of the house. link: 😔despite there being absolutely nothing wrong with any of the equipment I purchased (in fact i researched the market for optimum items) nor anything wrong with the roof of the house; The first two installation companies I contacted to request the work got very disoriented and subdued 😣😯😠 when I explained that I had purchased the items already and just need it all installed, they weren't interested atall and almost acted out like they caught me in bed with there wife 😁 but this guy is a true gentleman and has a good interest in his job, fully understands my goal much like a Kevin McCloud of the home entertainment design. He arrived today and we went through the whole plan together with a cup of tea and all parts spread at the kitchen table, im delighted too that he was impressed with my efforts to create a good clean install as most customers don't know what they want, but I was the opposite end of the scale installing all the options everywhere 😀 So I've booked a day off work and we're going to get installing together👍im still paying the guy but I enjoy tagging along in this type of process. end result will be an internet network cable, twin sattelite feed and a terrestrial cable feed running seamlessly inside the attic to each of the bedrooms upstairs aswell as the downstairs living room resulting in all entertainment options covered throughout the home without a cable in sight. Can't wait 😛
  11. Yes, see Guide here for accessing the Bluetooth module
  12. Hi Lenny 

    have you fitted wind deflectors ?




    1. Lenny


      Hi Darren,

      I do, I've Team Hecko wind deflectors fitted there slimmer than ClimAer and tinted, 

      Cheapest place to purchase is from FKPerformance 

      link: http://www.fkperformance.ie/ 



    2. TangoDaz


      Thanks mate would you fit them again?

    3. Lenny


      Yeah there great,