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  1. No problem, Any further questions feel free to ask 👍
  2. Rugby team
  3. I'm going to use 5mm screws and wall plugs, Marking it all out tonight and drilling it tomorrow before painting at a later date and inserting the screws. I'm using a spirit level, pencil crayon and measuring tape 😅 couldn't find a regular pencil In order to space things correctly; I've meassured the width of the frame, this one is 6" The centre point is then 3" i then measured down the frame to find the centre mounting which is 1.5" down from the top of the frame. So drawing on the wall then; I held the frame up and leveled it followed by drawing around it, Then measured across 3" and down 1.5" to mark the centre point for drilling. then meassured 2" to the left of the frame and using the spirit level; marked out the line for the next picture frame to space correctly. I've been studying the example image for quite a while now 😁 couple of weeks thinking about it had even considered purchasing an mdf sheet to use as a template as it would be easier to work on the ground rather than the wall but I decided it's accuracy could be way off if the drill wasn't held correctly when going through the mdf sheeting and in to the wall.
  4. 😣 just realised the third one down on the right side is different to the first two 😧 thanks to the forum here for making me take a step back to re-evaluate the task.
  5. Trying to replicate this 👇 on to the living room wall I've gotten the first three on the right side carefully marked out with 2" spacing 😥 only 12 more to go 😟
  6. That's the little field mouse peddling like Lance Armstrong #KeepHerLitt 😥
  7. I got to work 6 double pay hours on my birthday 😁
  8. That would have been alot worse to be fair 😁 look what I bought you with your bank card 😲
  9. Nissan are completely owned by Renault since 2007 your Nissan quashqai has a 1.5 Diesel Renault engine just like a Dacia Duster but different badge
  10. I've recently realised that when your wife has little to none of an income and it comes to your birthday. It leaves an overwhelming empty feeling in my chest, despite knowing nothing was going to happen but not even a card. And the kids wanted me to take THEM to the cinema to see "SING" because it's my birthday like; was weird. overall no cards no cake nothing just another day 😕
  11. 😯Jaysus rigamortis probably hasn't yet set in and your out speed dateing with other biatches 🐾
  12. Well only when it's down 😕
  13. It used to be alot worse 😅 😯there going to track me down for posting that now aren't they😣