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  1. Hi mate, The white wire is most likely to be the positive feed to the bulb, it looks as though it turns to the orange cable after the plug? I disabled PM feature on my profile a few years back as I was spending alot of them answering the same questions so I disabled it and asked people to post questions relevant to a particular guide on the guide thread where others can view both question and answer which eventually leads to all understood. I'm taking a guess looking at those cables ideally you would have a Haynes manual for reference or search the vehicle's model on forums for a wiring diagram. Generally where black is paired with white it means white is positive.
  2. This thread is becoming like a Scary movie horror film, guy goes out to take a picture and hasn't been heard from for atleast 9 hours later like 😯
  3. Similar discussion here mate:
  4. Neil saw the forum & went to Halfords instead, They fiddled with the dash and wrecked his head, Neil called the Halford manager, and the manager said 🙍"no more monkeys working on the edge"
  5. firstly this isint a rant mate im just trying to help you achieve your desired results as best possible, since my first attempt failed then i come back with advise on the alternative solution so ok😅 here we go: The halfords employee is most likely a huge fan of my guides😁 I've saw my mother get work done by halfords twice in her passat a Parrott Bluetooth kit & some headlight bulbs; and I seriously wouldn't as the staff are just kids seeking a job and faced with the task of installing what people purchase they may not even have a passion for doing it they just needed a job and well here we are. I'm by no means tight with money check my build Google search: "taking ovsl to blue horizon lennys build thread" and I would agree if there was a level of confidence in the halfords employee but with no disrespect; he's probably less knowledgeable than yourself mate because you already know what the interior of a Ford edge looks like 😁 if there's an alternative automotive electronics installer in your area I recommended going to them instead as they survive on reputation and have chosen that line of work as a passion rather than need and there company survives on installation rather than halfords supplementing loss of business by selling wax and screen wash, fingers in many pies but master of none. overall it's your vehicle and your money but if you do go to halfords; now that you have an idea of what needs to be done; watch them working in the vehicle and you will see what I'm talking about, Also count how many of his fellow employees have a try at it aswell. And if they break anything such as door card clips or headlight tabs there like:
  6. Should buy a little run around vehicle for about two grand and teach the dog how to drive,
  7. When you stop spending that's when soon after things start to need replacement
  8. Have you turned the steering to full extent in either left or right direction?
  9. 2.3 litre turbo charged Saab engine in a Corsa B
  10. ☝Guess who's back 😅
  11. I've two BA15s fitted Guide To Fitting Second Reverse Light Ford Focus Mk2.5 Click Here Link:
  12. If the bulb is a wedge fitment then take it out and rotate it 180 degrees try it again because led's operate on fixes polarity meaning current can only flow in one direction. If the bulb is an Edison type fitment such as any of these The bulb is an imitation replica of a Genuine Cree led and wired incorrectly, id this is the case I recommend returning if possible on the grounds "it's of no use to you" the seller can suggest what they like but I know that any Cree bulb from China is a replica and there have been cases where they are defective and wired incorrectly, the seller could be fully aware of g his but stuck with a large stock that needs to make a cash return. I only buy Cree from they supply genuine Cree units which originated from America not China. A CanBus compatable bulb will function with regular wiring aswell as CanBus enabled wiring, the advantage of a CanBus system in bulbs is; if the car is CanBus it will alert the driver in the event that the bulb has blown or stopped working it will error on dash to get it changed. Overall if i was you id say to the seller "yeah you must be right my ecu is at fault" bottom line though I've purchased an item from you that is of absolute no use to me now and I'm in need of a refund" Then purchase from
  13. You could hard wire it yourself for alot less money than halfords, all you need is a piggy back fuse adaptor and some cable with a USB adaptor. depending on the choice of fuse you plug in to, you can have it come on with the ignition or on all the time, mine comes on with ignition see Guide here: Guide Fitting Dual Camera DVR System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here the guide is done on a mk2.5 focus but the only real difference between it and yours in this case would be the choice of fuse number as the fuse board layout would be different.