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  1. If the outter black sleeve section is metal aswell then you could purchase a second unit from the breakers, use it to extend the existing one by chopping and welding, There's also plenty of gear gaitor manufacturers on eBay that can manufacture an extended gaitor for the focus if you asked them.
  2. Quotes insurance
  3. I'm the same when it comes to energy drinks
  4. Book keeper 🏇
  5. I was reading the thread from the bottom up 😁 meaning i read this before finding out you was discussing eye tests 😂 thought it was somthing more intimate a ride😭😂
  6. Hi✋
  7. Controller Module 😉
  8. Myself included 😉
  9. Ring me 🙊
  10. Reminds me of around this time ten years ago myself and the now wife; were living in her parents house for two months as our lease on an apartment had expired and we're waiting for the purchase of our new home to go through, anyway we had driven to Domino's for a pizza one Friday night and decided to drive up to a scenec city view area eat it rather than paying takeaway for her entire family that were back in the house at the time. So half way through the pizza there was some lad in his 40's looking through the driver's door window as they were steamed up from the pizza and chicken combo meal 😂 wanna chip mate? my wife screamed and drove quite swiftly back in to town. needless to say; the only salami being waved around and divoured at the time; was the bits on the pizza 😁
  11. I've had the limiter kit fitted to my 1.6TDCi focus when I was lowering it on ST alloys. The kit was 15pounds and came with fully illustrated instructions, Consists of two hard rubber rings and four jubilee clips The rubber ring fits inside the CV joint on the hub reducing the full turn limit, the jubilee clips secure the existing rubber CV boot back in place because the factory clips currently fitted are not designed to be reusable. overall the kit is not a big cost to purchase and Ford are happy to fit.
  12. Or a secret grow house in the attic😁 that one should be obvious juring these frosty mornings if the roof isint frosted over 😤😧
  13. Last year I began improving my home and in the process I became very interested in energy saving products; I researched the web for months and found a few items worthy of investment and I've created a explanation thread here may be of interest to you; One particular item is this UK manufactured time switch for the immersion, it automatically switches itself off after a set amount of time saves going up stairs twice to turn it off and ideal for times you may forget. They also have a plug in version which I use for the television in the kids bedroom otherwise it would be left on for ages. I also have one stuck to the plug top of the iron so it's never left on neither
  14. More likely to rub if you were to fit some lowering springs mate.
  15. Yeah anything up to 19" will fit but the bigger you go; the lower the tyre profile will be in order to maintain roughly the same overall tyre circumference keeping the Speedo accurate👍Please read my previous post above, I explained wheel upgrade there ☝ regarding tyres cost and unsprung mass, 17" are the best compromise in terms of handling and performance.