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  1. Check inside the glovebox for an AUX input socket; if fitted it will be close to the latch at the top of the glovebox housing.
  2. Yeah that would be great thanks, Over here the phone cable is an RJ11 socket, I think the UK is different in that way, and our internet is ADSL where I think you guys can get another type which comes in through coaxial cable or somthing.
  3. The 1.6 Petrol can't really be modified in terms of performance unless changing the cam shafts and remap which together will add an honest 20bhp for a cost of around 1800 pounds including Labour. Turbo vehicles are much easier to manipulate for more power, I've created some guides here you may like but overall mate save your money and research forums before purchasing the next car to ensure the model you choose has potential
  4. That one looks great and has the gold plated connections; I'll have to purchase one of these myself in the near future, it's the one cable I never thought of sourcing an upgrade for. I need to educate myself on upgrading the router aswell; because my existing router is tied to the service provider and when they cut me off; the router stops operating even the transfer between WiFi from my phone to my radio stops, but I assume if i had an independent router then the communication between two devices within the home wouldn't stop if the internet went down. Also I may get faster speed with an independent router in not sure, I need to research all about the advantages.
  5. It still keeps that function as normal and has the camera built in to the construction of the handle, It looks factory fitted better quality than the original unit,
  6. Hi Paul, Sorry to say the alloys sold at a 75% loss due to fractured spokes 😦 too much speed on the back roads and singing dancing at the cross roads 😉 sold on eBay to the UK for 250GBP which I used to purchase a set of 16" snowflake alloys, so people at work barely even noticed the change and they came with my eBay user name on the address😂 The filter and housing sold for a 60% loss two weeks Before the alloys
  7. Lindy cables are indeed highly recommended, I've personally used Ibra cables in all network and Television connections I've found there range to be superior quality for the price. Twisted cables are a thing, it's a method used to block out surrounding electromagnetic interference from frequencies such as 2G 3G 4G and terrestrial signals etc. I've used double shielded CAT7 cables along with NetGear Gigabit routers to use as little WiFi as possible. Here's a high quality RJ11 cable; is Nice
  8. If your engine is petrol then the filter will increase the tone a little but not performance unless it's turbo If diesel it will increase performance and induction noise but not the exhaust tone due to the network of emissions filters which baffle the tone considerably
  9. Any double din aftermarket headunit will fit, The best of them would be a Pioneer double din with Android built in. The pioneers have Parrot Bluetooth built in and digital equiliser with self calibrating technology Here's some guides may help: Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here Guide Installing Reverse Camera Focus Mk2.5 2008 - 2011Click Here
  10. The link is for example purposes; I recommend contacting supplier prior to purchase
  11. Here's an example for mk3 springs
  12. ZetecS is just a zetec with a body kit and lower springs, You could do better than ZetecS by fitting eibach lowering springs. Ford can supply them for your focus there's different springs for petrol models and diesel models They fit the existing shocks by design and improve handling aswell as apperance. Just make sure you have the laser tracking alignment done around two weeks after lowering to correct the wheel surface contact with the road.
  13. I'm not 100% sure on what I'm about to tell you; because I haven't bothered to check it out for myself but I did hear on here a few times about there being two locations in the passenger footwell fuse board which operate the 12v sockets. You should only have the fuse in either of the two, you shouldn't have a fuse in both of them. The purpose is supposed to be: If the fuse is in fuse location A for example; then the 12v sockets only become live when the key is in the ignition. And If the fuse is in fuse location B for example; then the 12v sockets stay live all of the time and until 1 hour after the car has been locked untouched. The boot socket (if fitted) stays live all of the time regardless. If you would like to fit a usb socket in the glovebox which becomes live along with the ignition see part of this guide: Guide Fitting Dual Camera DVR System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here
  14. I'm sure you won the heart of every mother in the place 😉
  15. It is possible, You just need to measure the existing filter and then search the internet for a Green Cotton Performance filter which matches the size,