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  1. Link found it here mate Galinised banding in black
  2. Some black Galvoban if such is available it usually comes in galvanised finish but could be painted black, I reckon of you get a say 2" wide strip of 19mm MDF and paint it black, Fit it in the boot horizontally at the bottom, being 19mm thick you can trap it between the arches and back seat to hold it in place. then screw the galvoban strips to the MDF which will hold the enclosure in place even if the vehicle was flipped on its roof.
  3. Do you need advise on wiring it too? Did it come with cables?
  4. Wedges 👍 i bought the sun enclosure ready made
  5. Would be well worth cleaning it out because it won't be collecting oil anymore after the catch tank is fitted 👍 take care not to damage the fins when cleaning, perhaps remove intercooler and fill it with petrol and leave it for an hour to break down the oil then pour it out in to a bottle id somthing then leave it to dry for a bit prior to refitting, You may also like to paint it black👇
  6. Hi mate, yeah we spoke on another thread which led to me realising i needed to purchase the additional Ethernet switch, I'm thinking the seller is cashing in on shopping around on Amazon. Yep bought both items from ebay mate, and I do feel kind of stupid now that you mentioned Amazon because I'm an Amazon Prime member aswell 😭 use it for Fire TV and my kids got Amazon tablets from Santa and use Prime membership but i never thought of shopping around that much I'm so used to eBay been using it since 2002 😧
  7. Glad you got it sorted out mate, thankfully wasn't any serious issue, is the Speedo cluster still giving you trouble as that's a common problem; loose plug at rear of the cluster unit.
  8. Bungie cords would be the easiest, Is it a 10" you could transplant it in to one of these of it is Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here
  9. Cheers mate recieved payment there now, There's a full induction box coming in the post and I only need the lid from it, so I'll swap the standard lid with the K&N57s lid and insert the K&N filter then repackage and send it on to you. The filter has never been cleaned so it may come out like new if cleaned, I'll email you with tracking number when despatched Thursday morning 👍
  10. Hi mate, I've purchased the standard induction box aswell as air filter from a breakers last Friday, So it should arrive by Thursday next week if your still interested in the K&N57s for 60GBP it will be ready for despatch on Thursday👍
  11. Thanks to this thread I've gotten the network plan sorted out here aswell. Purchased an 8 port NetGear GS308 Gigabit Ethernet switch for the living room to take a single feed from the main router and feed it to everything in the cabinet, And the 5 port NetGear GS305 Gigabit Ethernet switch will connect to the CAT7 feed in the bedroom which runs directly from the main router and feed everything in the room aswell. Also thought id mention that ive Picked up a great deal on some CAT7 one metre long hold plated network cables to go with the Ethernet switch👍 Link:
  12. Hi all, This week ive purchased a few items on eBay UK, two of these items were brand new purchased from two seperate sellers, To my surprise both the items arrived separately yesterday in Amazon packaging 😦 i thought "eh what's going on" Initially I was thinking; the seller's I've purchased from are selling virtual stock from there virtual warehouse in other words; They find an item selling on Amazon then bump the price up by 8 pounds and list it themselves on eBay, when one sells they enterprise by profiting from somthing they have very little to do with 😁 but when both purchases have come from Amazon I'm thinking there may be something going on that I've missed out on hearing so I've post it here to hear from others? Have you had a similar experience? Purchased from here: Recieved in Amazon Package👇 Purchased from here: Recieved in Amazon Package👇
  13. Sounds good mate and guranteed to work since you also had one fitted yourself, I'm not affiliated to promoting any products or suppliers; if you have a link to it cheaper elsewhere it will surly save the fellow member some money, when posting; I just got a link to the item and post it up, I do take time to shop around when purchasing items for myself but i don't have time to shop around for others while advising at the same time cheers.
  14. Thats unfortunate news mate, but we did try all options in being it back to life, but atleast you now know where your going with the installation of replacement, Since you have an aftermarket headunit you may also like to view these guides: Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here