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  1. No
  2. I was never interested in the storyline 😀
  3. 😦I'm not allowed to watch Hollyoaks 😐
  4. My workplace pays full wages for up to six months when out sick for more than three days, However in my case; The payment recieved from the unemployment welfare office while sick is to be sent to the companies account as there paying full wages as normal. it may be worth checking your contract to see if your sick pay scheme operates in the same way as you could and up oweing the company if in reciept of sick pay from the unemployment welfare office and the company. Also if work phone you and you were to ignore the calls this can also affect the full wages payment as you would be saw as not engaging with the company which gives them grounds to assume termination of contract mate.
  5. Seems Father Ted was way ahead of its time 😅
  6. No led bulbs can't be focused to a pointin the way a Halogen bulb can. The led bulb spreads equal levels of light in all directions which can't be altered without the correct headlight housing if atall. led's Can legally be used as signal indicators such as reverse light, parking light, fog light and drl but not for seeing the road with. ive fitted Cree H11 in my fogs and although there 6000k and look just like HID there not as bright as a 55w halogen not even half as bright but they look good when turned on along with the parking bulbs. At the end of the day it's your vehicle and money but I personally wouldn't bother mate.
  7. Yes using that kit; a double din aftermarket headunit will fit no problem, And the biggest double din screen area available is a 7" inch.
  8. looks great 👍 i find that masking everything is the worst part
  9. I don't like realising that my 18" Genuine facelift ST alloys have some hair line cracks inside the rims as they drove fine but there now listed on a no reserve auction starting at 1 pound
  10. Hasn't gathered alot of miles since the last MOT mate should be fine.
  11. No mate your brother is correct keep away from what we call "yacka mucka" 😅 as they have been known to fail or go on fire in full reality HD I know xtrons are a Chinese company but there in the business a long time and have a good customer service network, there devices very rarely fail the same as Pioneer and JVC The finish quality is good on there equipment too doesnt feel cheap.
  12. Hi mate, An Xtrons aftermarket headunit may be the easiest solution as it's a 7" touch screen but it's in the same oval shape as the stock headunit. Link: I have a 10" HD screen in my roof made by xtrons and it's 100% Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Ive only heard good reviews on them but its worth mentioning to you aswell that; if the sound wasn't to your satisfaction; an aftermarket amplifier would bypass the headunits amplifier aswell by taking audio to the amplifier via low level RCA cable.
  13. Same here, had a Disposable BBQ today, fitted two sticks on top of the grooves in the bench to space it away from buring the bench itself and it worked a treat 👍
  14. @jmurray01 one thing I'd like to say at this point mate is look after yourself and be mindful of the side effects until they find the correct medication that best suits the condition, and when trying the medication it may help to evaluate your feelings in third person mode, ask yourself how is me, and perhaps me is feeling worse and its only because of the particular medication prescribed, this is the way onwards and upwards getting away from the black dog. in the mean time perhaps join Twitter it's full of cheerful thoughts and funnys, depending on who you then follow on Twitter; when they post somting you then instantly get a notification of it to your phone like a message; some will give you a good laugh, id you then press "retweet" it shares that message to all of your followers. my Twitter is @woodslenny if you do decide to join; follow me and I'll follow back. music is also great perhaps download spotify app and download some good classics, headphones can be got fairly cheap these days which can really help to zone out and go for a walk. gardening is also very rewarding wheater you grow plants or vegetables it's somthing that requires tending to and passes the time with visual progress which you can then reflect on yourself to document time from then to now sort of thing and brightens the place up, doesn't have to cost alot neither few plants in Aldi or half some potatoes and plant then in fresh compost. We used a pallet crate lined with plastic bags, put some slate stone in the bottom for drainage, had to get out and water them tend to it. A cat is also good for stress but wouldn't mix well with the flowers 😣 overall mate look after yourself, life is a journey to be shared your never alone 👍