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  1. If i may comment; No those factory wires will be part of the loom, I suggest; you look in the footwell to see if you have the grey bulb sockets fitted, If you do;; then try inserting a T10 bulb, If the bulb doesn't illuminate, don't splice power in to the existing loom because this method sends power back to the GEM unit where power is not ment to go in. should be coming out from there not back in. So if you don't have power in the loom see Guide here:
  2. I can hold if for you if desired, Email me:
  3. Focus looks great, I have a few Free guides here you may findsomething of interest: alternatively Google "full list of lennys guides" to view list of links
  4. This will be a straight swap for you, Just take out the Speedo cluser unit to allow access to the clips; squeeze and push upwards. I'm currently selling this complet kit I've replaced it with dash storage. opposite of what your doing.
  5. Hi, I was browsing through a few threads and I know it was 2 years ago but you said this (about a smokey focus)

    "there are a few common problems with the 1.6tdci but 90% of them can be prevented if known how, and i can explain how to aswell,

    First i have a few questions,

    1: have you blanked the egr yet?

    2: have you got a dpf and is the eloys fluid sufficient,

    3: is the car runn8ng on fully synthetic oil,

    4: does it blue smoke on first start up,

    5: do you lose power consistently or in purges at rev over 2500rpm"


    Ive got a 2006 1.6 TDCi, and it is very smokey of first start up and rev until the engine is warm, its whitey grey smoke and doesnt have a strong oily smell, the coolant has gone down slightly but it isnt burning it, the dpf was removed by a previous owner, the egr is blanked and disconnected, I am going to service it soon with fully synthetic oil, have you got any ideas as to what it could be?


    Sorry for bothering you, but you seem pretty clues up on the matter haha!


    As Im not on here much if you see this could you email me back at and I'll see it, cheers!

    1. Lenny


      Sounds like you have a leaking fuel injector.

      it will pass fuel constantly; resulting in the cylinder filling up over night while vehicle is parked, the fuel then gets chucked out on start-up unburnt causing the smoke. 

  6. The R747 is my favourite road in the entire country and i know it like the back of my hand mate, Take the N11 down to Arklow the R747 goes out top of arklow through forestry area two hair pins one chicane on to woodenbridge then through tinahealy on to hacketstown and then baltinglass which will then take you to blessington then back on M50 at Tallaght. Better to go from tallaght down but best but is between tinahealy and arklow town. Driving my focus home today I was goin like:
  7. Looks awesome Hassan, graphite on the wheels would look more subtle imo. 4 wheel drive aswell👍 tracking alignment when replacing the tyres would be a wise decision to ensure you're getting most value.
  8. Excellent choice of upgrade 👍
  9. Put me in for 10 Pounds 😉 yes 10 pounds everybody 10 pounds from the paddy on the back row
  10. Wow that's.... that's a truly inspirational title I see what you did there and how it relates back to the course of action 😁
  11. Hi Lenny, 


    I have seen a couple of your posts and know you are quite active on the forum and thought I would pick your brains....

    I have a 1.6tdci focus, and the boost pod from an ST Diesel (2015 model) I know people have tried to get the petrol boost gauge working with no luck. Now i don't hold any hope for the diesel but I will settle for now if I can get to light up..... So would you have any idea which wires maybe be for live / illumination and earth?

    The 5 wires on it are brown, white, black, purple and red striped and white and blue striped.


    1. Lenny



      Only way to get the stock pod illuminated is with some aftermarket lighting.

      Im currently selling the contents of this guide for 120gbp 



    2. Leeafy


      I guess I will have to get some aftermarket led's in then. I appreciate your reply.

      Unless the guide comes with you coming to me and making my pods illuminate for £120 that is crazy!

      All in all, thank you for the information!

    3. Lenny


      Check the price of one single Ford Racing gauge.

      There 90-110gbp each 

      of which I'm selling two including the pod and sensors for 120

  12. This vehicle has been replaced by "Godzilla" As result it is currently in the "For Sale" section of the forum link: