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  1. Things I Do Like

    I do like receiving delivery of five Milano Aruba radiators today along with minimalist chrome valves all from bestheating.com completing the change to Milano throughout the house, Just gotta wait for next month to install. I'm filling and painting the walls in the meantime as the pipes will exit out from the wall instead of up from the floor when installed 👍 Bit easier to do upstairs as it's all plastic pipe work.
  2. Lifting Floor Tiles Adhesive

    No didn't think of that but then someone whom won't claim off my house insurance after payment 😅 I had thought of getting a woman though, anyone got a contact number for Benny Benassi?
  3. Smart meter

    Early last year i researched the internet and bought a few energy saving items which looked worth the investment aswell as others to make life easier. Another useful item I found available on eBay was a Dragon's Den featured product called "energy egg" It's basically a wireless remote controlled socket adaptor but instead of a remote control switching it on/off it has a PIR sensor built in to an egg shaped housing. ☝green thing there is a 9v battery. I've got the socket fitted to the television in the living room and the egg sits in the corner, ive three kids whom watch some television then instantly get really motivated and go upstairs or outside to play without thinking of turning anything off, So if there's nobody in the room for 5 minutes the television switches off, and when someone enters the room then the power is restord to the television allowing it to be switched on again if required. I've created a whole thread of energy saving products here: But another three products I found very good regarding saving on the heating cost were first EndoTherm heating system additive, it's available with the 1/2"BSP hose which allows you to pour it in to a radiator via the bleed valve opening. Ideally drain the water from your heating system radiators put this bottle in and refill the system, it helps to head up quicker aswell as reduce sludge and does work very well👍 Second item is Aladdin Automatic bleed valves, there available in various sizes to suit all radiators, mine are 1/2"BSP but I've bought a few 6mm for my mother's radiators aswell, They automatically release the air from the radiator ensuring there's never a cold spot and your always getting the optimum heat transfer from the radiator without ever having to bleed the air again. Third item is heat reflective foil, I've removed the bedroom radiators and fitted this foil to the wall using silver duct tape prior to recording the radiator and installing radiator covers to protect the kids from potential burns. The foil reflects the heat back on to the radiator and in to the room, it reduces the amount of time your boiler comes on to maintain temperature as the walls won't be soaking up the heat from the radiators. I'm now changing all six radiators to steel milano radiators as there steel the heat wave from them is more consistent, There tubular design gives almost double the surface to air contact compared to a regular aluminium radiator resulting in a greater head output from a smaller radiator, i started off with just planning to purchase one for the livingroom, but having tried it out throughout last winter I've changed the entire house which now heats in half the time. I've also put a balloon in the chimney, a cap on the chimney, plastered up the chimney breast and vented it to the side.
  4. +1 If you have Microsoft Word; copy&paste the text with images on to a word page, Then click "File" "Save As" "PDF File" ✔👍
  5. Hi all, Last weekend I rented out a kango along with a 4" inch chisel bit to lift all the tiles from the kitchen floor, I spent 6 hours on the kango last Sunday and although I was wearing knee pads my muscles in my legs from my knees to my hips are killing me as I had to stay tence when kneeling on the floor pushing the kango forwards 😅 I don't usually do this type of work daily I'm a pharmaceutical chemical process operator. I'm now in a position where the adhesive which is much like concrete is to be lifted from the concrete floor. I've done this separation of adhesive from concrete in the hallway a few months ago using the same rented kango and a 4" chisel bit resulting in a smooth finish aswell as relocating the radiator to widen the hall. But the kitchen is a much larger area to complete and well I don't want to tare the musscles in my legs again next weekend 😅 any advice on any alternative method or equipment i could rent out; and there's no such thing as a light weight kango is there? very heavy after holding for an hour or two. thanks for discussion 👍
  6. Has anyone had this happen?

  7. Smart meter

    I've not fitted a monitor to the main supply but I have purchased a few of these WiFi sockets which operate via an app on my phone aswell as the wife's phone, You put in the unit cost of electricity and it calculates the usage cost, on/off times can also be setup if required and there controllable from anywhere in the world via internet connection. I've moved one of them around the house to monitor various devices for a few weeks to evaluate there cost, For example; we have a wooden garden shed in the back garden with a clothes tumble dryer inside, The dryer has an "auto" setting which instead of drying continuously for a set 120 minutes, it monitors the temperature inside the dryer and stop/starts I wanted to monitor the energy consumption of the dryer while it's in this "Auto" setting because it's not installed within the house where the surrounding temperature is atleast 15 degrees Celcius, It's practically outside with no insulation, meaning the auto setting could end up costing me a fortune if it's heating the entire shed every night. So through the use of the monitor I was able to see that the dryer; when in auto setting was coming on and off 24/7 wheater there was clothes inside or it was empty and would maintain a regular temperature inside itself. So the auto dryer isint ideal for installation outside of the main home. I now operate it on time duration instead. Another use was to monitor the energy consumption of the 12 year old kitchen fridge,😨 as fridges rarely break down the main problem that manifests is the deterioration of the door seals allowing cold air to escape causing the motor to operate more frequently. Through the use of the graphs on the energy monitor it was easy to see the consistency of motor coming on for as much as 20 minutes at a time even throughout the night when the door would have been closed for atleast 9 hours. As result a new fridge saved over 100 pounds per year.
  8. Things I Don't Like

    I really don't like the replacement vehicle I've been given for three days while my focus is in the body shop being repaired 😢 my "no claims bonus" hasn't taken a bit but my street credit is in serious negative equity First problem is; the door card panels are too thin to rest your elbow on 😦 Then there's no centre console armrest to lean on neither 😦 The wing mirrors are the same size as my head 😦 The front Windows open like a Vauxhall Nova 😦 The rear Window heater element connection is on display by design instead of being hidden inside the silage wrap recycled plastic boot door panel 😦 You can choose to see the world through the headlight lenses as they protrude upwards above the bonnet, the light also illuminates the bonnet at night 😦 The cup holders have fidget spinners embossed in to them 😦 They could have put the screw for the door cards underneath the handle where it wouldn't be atall visible rather than a dirt gathering screw cap There using chrome dog light surrounds as door handles 😦 The painted alloys won't last a hard winter without cracking and flaking And I had to take the wheels off the sons buggy in order to fit it in the boot compartment 😦
  9. Things I Don't Like

    If I do that I'll lose all my images
  10. Things I Don't Like

    I really Don t like the cost photobucket are charging for third party image hosting which affects all of my guides, photobucket want $300 per year to allow the images to display.
  11. Things I Do Like

  12. Things I Do Like

    Front lower grill is cracked, metal pressed reg plate is all buckled, scratches on bumper and clips broken, body shop says two days repair, I knew I had it all on camera and the family were ok, so the whole time I was singing this tune in my head, but still get the reoccurring dream of it
  13. Things I Do Like

    To try say I went in to the back of em and get personal injury compensation
  14. Things I Do Like

    Thanks mate 👍
  15. Things I Do Like