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  1. Fiesta Asia/australian Grill

    Regarding to the look, I think that grill is ok for Asian cars cause we don't have the body kit with front/rear spoilers and side skirts for the sport version until MY2011, if you add it to a front bumper that already got a spoiler will make it a bit over. Actually I think your Zetec S with only the spoiler has just the right look. My 2 cents~
  2. Fiesta Asia/australian Grill

    The company won't make two molds that are slightly different for the car. I think all the body panels are completely interchangeable for the same version all over the world. It's ok if some of you guys need my help, but I'm not sure about the shipping and tax, and I can't do massive quantities since I dont have much spare time, beg your understanding. If you're interested feel free to PM me. Cheers~
  3. Fiesta Asia/australian Grill

    That price is insane if I'm honest. I'm from China and the grille you're talking about is listed as some 15 euros per set here.