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  1. I have my Fiesta Econetic for more than 18 months and just a week ago had a second 25k mil service. They updated the ECU software and... nothing changed: Date MPG L/100km 09-Jan 60.80 4.65 14-Jan 61.95 4.56 23-Jan 59.24 4.77 30-Jan 57.76 4.89 05-Feb 57.32 4.93 11-Feb 54.57 5.18 13-Feb 60.77 4.65 15-Feb 63.05 4.48 18-Feb 56.76 4.98 25-Feb 59.83 4.72 I have about 25 mil to work so doing about 50 a day and 200 over the weekend... everything Extra Urban. I took my ford to TC Harrison in Derby last weekend. They checked the ECU Software and did 10mil test and said that everything is ok with my car. I quoted the official MPG and said that over 70MPG was the main reason I bought the car. They said that there is nothing they can do. The 54MPG - was when I had a real fun with my car... but on daily basis I'm doing close to 60MPG... most of the time doing approx 50Mil/h avg. Fair to say - manufactures are taking !Removed!. Have anyone of you read about Urban (U) and Extra Urban (EU) consumption. Cutting to the chase during U test the car is doing 12mil/h on something like 5 mil run (from cold)... and EU, the car is doing in average 39mil/h on approx 7 mil run. Anyone doing 39 on a Motorway... yeah thought so. In fact Manufacturers are making us (customers) look like idiots. Anyone have any good tips on how to safe fuel? PS: Previously I had 1.4 Petrol Titanium - and It did more that U stats and much less than EU. PS: I know I can pay about £250 to get my ECU remapped which should increase Economy by 10% at best.
  2. Fingers crossed matey.
  3. My small upgrade of the wheels from 16" to 17". Before: After:
  4. I'm with you. Recently I changed my 16" to 17" and I just love them.
  5. Personally I like these 2 custom Fiestas I found on LA forum. &
  6. I had a look on the web and 44.72 is without postal charge. I found another page: and the total charge is 35.99... I only hope this is it :P