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  1. Looking At Used Fusions

    That's a really good tip, thank you for that.
  2. Looking At Used Fusions

    Hi All, my first post here. I'm currently looking at a few Ford Fusions and I'm amazed at how cheap they are going for, most are under £3,000 second hand these days. So, as I am looking for a good cheap run around I was thinking it would be good to take a look at a few, I'm a fan of the Fiesta and it's driving feel but I'd like something a little bigger if possible which the Fusion seems to fit. The last car I had was a 99 plate Ford Focus which pretty much died on me after 5 months, I'd like to keep my new Fusion for a little while longer if possible :) So any tips on things to look out for on Fusions? Any good places to look (Other than auto trader) Or would the suggestion be to go get a decent 2nd hand Fiesta rather than a Fusion?