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  1. What a kefuffle Got the headlights out, easy enough, but the replacement bulbs were a bit longer than the originals. The length of the wiring (or should I say, the LACK of it!) doesn't leave much room for manoeuvring the new bulb in. Took me 20 mins for one side and 30 mins for the other. A right pain but I got there in the end.
  2. Thanks Stoney. I filed a pin on each bulb and they fit perfectly now
  3. I bought a pair of W5W T10 LED bulbs for sidelight replacement. When they arrived I opened the bonnet and ...........what the on earth am I gonna get at the sidelight bulbs to replace them!! Looks like an absolute nightmare. :-( Any ideas on how this can be done would be gratefully appreciated but please bear in mind that my dismantling and rebuilding skills could be assessed as '3 out of 10' ..... on a good day!
  4. Things like this make me glad a bought an Edge
  5. All sorted now, thank goodness. Everything working exactly as it should.
  6. OK then, a bluetooth module for the existing CD6000..........are they easy to fit, where can I get one. I'd rather keep the one I have without the hassle of a new one that may or may not fit or look right.
  7. It was the fuse Now during my fuse fiddling I seem to have created another problem. My electric mirrors don't work, my clock doesn't work and when I start the car the outside temp appears in fahrenheit (even though it can be changed to centigrade by pressing the button, but that's a real pain every time I start the car). I have looked at the wikiford glovebox fuse layout. The fuse for electric mirrors is ok, there isn't one for the clock and the temperature thing...I don't know if that's fuse related but it never happened before i started pulling fuses. Any ideas folks!
  8. .....for a 2007 Mondeo mk3. I have the 6000CD unit but it doesn't have bluetooth for handsfree calls so if anyone has a good and perfectly working Sony one available with bluetooth please let me know. Thanks
  9. I should add that the one I got from the Nigerian prince was genuine enough. He's giving me £5m just for handling a gold transaction for him. All I had to do was give him my bank account details and now I'm just waiting for the cash to come through! lol
  10. My golden rule for emails is simple: If I've never had dealings with the sender before then I don't open it. No-one in this world is giving stuff or money away for free. And yes jace, even if it's from a seemingly reliable company source I always check the sender's email address before opening. More often than not it will originate in another country or it just won't look right. Any department that says you owe them money or they owe you money will contact you by post even if they have your email address.
  11. Is there a vendetta against Ford owners then! WALOB
  12. I don't like that I had a right session on Sunday evening and I still do not feel my normal self. Note to self: next time you go on the beer please remember to stop!
  13. Use their HOLIDAY30 code and get 30% without having to wait!
  14. In case you were planning on buying stuff, use HOLIDAY30 discount code on the checkout page to get 30% discount on everything. Valid until midnight on Tuesday 31st August.