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  1. thanks fo rthe reply. i think we are getting confused here. are you talking about the egr valve which is on the back of the engine?? if so i believe that is working fine as i can here it clicking and whining when i switch the engine off which its meant to do according to ford. the fault code im talking about relates to a dpf filter which is located in the exhaust im led to believe , the emssions fluid is pumped into this and the gases are burnt off. the code is saying the dpf filter is blocked.
  2. ok thanks for the info!! at a guess i need a new dpf then . is it just a straightforward swap or do other things need to be done at the same time which only a dealer can do?? cheers steve
  3. hi thanks for the reply!! do you mean the egr valve?? this was replaced before i got the car at around 75000 miles i believe. i can hear the egr valve clicking under the bonnet when i turn the car off so does this mean its working?? cheers steve
  4. hi all first post as ive just registered and i need some help. i have a 2004 54 plate cmax 2.0tdci zetec. the car has 112000 miles on the clock and for the 2 years ive had it has been fine.... until it started hesitating which has then got worse up until now when it cut power whilst i was accelerating from some traffic lights!!! when it cut the power i was pressing the pedal and nothing was happening , so i managed to pull over and turn the car off and left it a minute or so, restarted and it ran ok apart from the hesitation. i continued my journey for the next 60 miles ok , when i pulled off the motorway the engine management light came on but the car didn't cut out or anything?? the light stayed on for a day or so and then went off, the hesitation is still there though. i have a friend with a code reader and he scanned the car and it gace one fault code p242f ???? any ideas what this is?? i had the dpf fluid refilled last year so it cant be that?? mpg has dropped to from 54mpg to around 44 mpg. i can hear the egr valve cycling when i turn the car off too?? help!!!!!! cheers steve