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  1. Sorry posted enquiry on wrong site. I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem. My Fiesta has power start. The low battery warning came up on the information screen and so I changed the batter in the 'fob' after a few days tha waring came again thinking that I had a 'duff' battery chaged it again. The wearing has come up again. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what is the cure please?
  2. I have a 1.6 Fiesta Titanium TDCI with power start. The low batter warning came up on the 'screen' and so I changed the battery in the key fob. Fine for a few day then the warning came up again. I tought that I had used a 'duff' battery so I changed it again within a few days the same warning has come up. Has anyone else had this problem and how is it cured please?
  3. Bumper Protector

    I have a MK7 Fiesta (3 door if it matters). Does anyone know where I can get a bumper protector preferably stainless steel. I am fed up of 'other persons' scratching the bumper when putting the groceries in the boot - plastic will do if all else fails.
  4. As to my earlier post- it has been more than a week now ans no engine malfunction - I must be lucky.
  5. I have a 90bhp Mk7 Titanium diesel. For several months at least twice a week I have received an engine malfunction warning. Turn off engine, restart goes away for a while. Fraud linked it up to their computer but the computer 'says no' I must be imagining things. Last weekend I was checking the fluids and noticed the air intake on the 'cold' side of the turbo seemed rather loose as did the 'breather?' pipe above not fitting properly. I repositioned the breather and tightened the jubilee clip and hey presto! no more problems and improved fuel consumption. When it is out of warranty I won't be bothering Ford again.
  6. Ford Handbrake Cover

    How did you fit it - did you cut away the plastic handbrake surround?
  7. Just thought that I would start a new topic and seek the views of other users. I read recently that analogue signals will be stopped in a couple of years. The Fiesta Mk7 has no option for DAB (even though reception is not great) and even the new Sony head unit is still analogue. The adaptors don'tseem much good and in any event will not work with steering wheel controls. Does anyone know of any unit that will work?
  8. Boot Locking

    Thanks - spot on. Just tried this and it works. Many thanks. Rod
  9. Boot Locking

    Hi Anthony, Thnks for your response. The situation is that when the doors are locked either by the button on the door handle or by the 'fob' I have discovered that the hatch was not locked. I would like to know how to lock all the doors and hatch at the same time - I presume that the fob needs to be reprogrammed. Best wishes Rod
  10. Boot Locking

    I have Fiesta 2009 1.6 diesel. The car has the Ford Power start ( start button/no ignition key). i have discovered that the hatch does not lock when the doors are locked. The handbook is useless - refer to dealer for programming - I am sure there is a simple way to lock the hatch with the doors but how is it done? Can any one help please?