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  1. Touch Screen Sat Nav

    Hi All, first post here on this imfomative forum. Not yet, but nearly, the owner of an S Max (not sure which version yet). Just doing a little homework here . . . B) My question is how do you upgrade / keep up to date the built in 7 inch touch screen Sat Nav unit ? Also are there any nasty suprises in store for owning a car with DVD player / touch screen sat nav etc etc ? In general, they seem pretty good. Right ??? Also, can you fit a tow bar to an S Max that has the body kit fitted. Ford only do a detachable version, and say it can't be fitted with body kit. What about reversing sensors, will these be effected by tow bar ? I am looking to keep this car for many years, and carry all five of around the country, so any advice / experiences would be welcome. Cheers