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  1. which is the correct brake fluid to use for cmax 1.8tdci 2005 ........ i thought it was Dot4 But i recently purchased some online from a ford dealership . On supplying my reg they informed me that i required super dot 4 and not Dot4. I can find nothing in owners manual and also on filler cap it has dot 4 i am a little mistified to which is correct and if either is ok or can be mixed? So if anyone can enlighten me to which is the correct brake fluid it would be much appreciated
  2. C- Max MPG

    I have just had my cmax 18tdci serviced (minor) Oil and Filter and new sofware updates since the service my MPG has dropped about 10 MPG ......after 2 1/2 yrs of getting near quoted mpg. took it back to garage they put it on machine sorry sir no error codes cant revert software nothing we can do see how it goes ............. Anyone else had this after a software update????
  3. I have had many different fords over the years ,I am currently driving CMAX 1.8TDCI 2005 (55) PANTHER BLACK. I have owned this car coming onto 3yrs now. The car as always run fine until i get it back from service, last time after 1 yr of ownership never an iccup straight after service power failer ..EGR.. got it done quick under warranty.. another year on not a iccup ,straight after service and software update big drop in MPG ? ....I Wonder sometimes ....FORD . anyway just going to fit new discs and pads all round myself maybe that way it will keep running fine.........SO Hello all i,m sure like many of you i will have much more to post..