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  1. Anyone put an induction kit on the tdci model? Can you put one on?
  2. Sounds like it could look pretty good. Lets see how the pictures turn out
  3. I wish i got mine in white :( They looking stunning when clean
  4. If the price is right i'd be interested in them
  5. I'm not sure i like this arm rest, seems rather pricey too
  6. what sort of price can you expect to have to pay for the panel filter?
  7. I'm pretty sure they are 55mm. Measure your alloy centre cap just to check.
  8. I would love an ST, but with fuel prices as they are im not sure i will.
  9. I'm currently getting 61.3mpg, but its a very boring drive.
  10. I can second that. The MK7 is in a different class
  11. I haven't seen anyone do this but i imagine it would look a bit odd. Personally i'd advise getting the front bumper before the side skirts
  12. I understand your frustration. I spent 2 hours cleaning and polishing my car on friday only for it to need another wash today.
  13. MK7 is miles better than the MK6, no argument
  14. Yeah £9000 seems about right, i bought mine 10 months ago and it cost me £10000. I'd definitely recommend getting one. It is a nice colour but i always regretted not getting white, looks much cooler.