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  1. Hi RCJ ( re- Fiesta refuelling problem) Just thought I would let you know that I have filled up since our last post. I took your advice i.e. just let the pump hang on its own weight - and I am so pleased to say that it actually worked. this is the first time in a whole year that I have been able to fill up without any problems....thank you so much.....Hope everybody else with this problem reads your post................
  2. Thanks again RCJ. Just another quick question ( like the colour of the car by the way) - I previously had a Focus, but since changing to the Fiesta I find the air con is nowhere near as efficient. I am very disappointed in it. I have sent a note to the engineers as it is being serviced today to check it out, but it may just be that as it is a smaller car - this is the result. If so, - I may have to change back again!!!
  3. Thank you too RCJ - an interesting thought - I will definitely try your suggestion, although I have tried before putting the nozzle half way into the tank but that doesn't seem to work either....Do you still have the problem EVERY time you re-fuel?
  4. Thanks to you too RCJ - an interesting comment. I shall definitely try that too............................
  5. Thank you so much Stef - I am a mere female and wouldn't know about such things. However, the car is going in for its first service tomorrow so I shall mention your comments to the engineers and perhaps they will take it on board.
  6. Good morning everyone from a new member. I am having very frustrating problems every time I try to re-fuel. I have a 2009 Fiesta Zetec but the tank simply does not want to take the fuel It constantly cuts out from the punp hose and consequently I spend many many minutes looking conpletely stupid at the pump whilst other people are waiting. I can only assume that there is some sort of air lock in the tank. This does not only happen when the fuel is very low. It happened again yesterday when I tried to re-fuel with a half full tank. Anybody had the same problem - or any suggestions please. thank you...........