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  1. Hi everybody, I have had a few fords before but recently had to part with my much loved Vauxhall Vectra. Now I am a Ford Focus 2003 1.6i LX owner! I love it!
  2. WOOOHOOO!!! Its working I noticed that when I plugged it in, 2 wires came out the harness 1 of which was the yellow power the other was a speaker. After managing to clip them in without the wires popping out and reading the instructions which I now understand its works! and keeps the radio stations etc. The only issue I have now is my steering wheel stalk that is able to change my track and volume etc doesn't work. I think I should have a harness that has 3 adapters not 2. I was assured this was the right harness! Im not so sure. thanks for you helps guys. Told you I was a NOOOOOOBB! ;-)
  3. I did power it on with the engine running in the end. I have a feeling there was a loose connection but I'll try again later tonight. :-( The alpine does have instructions but I don't really understand them.
  4. Hi, I have just bought a 2003 Focus. I have a Alpine DVA-9861Ri I bought the Fasica adapter FP-07-08 Harness Adapter PC2-08-4 But I dont know how to plug it all in? If you can clearly see the photos I attached FY1 to H2 HR2 to P1 FB1 to H1 HR1 to Z1 I think in my vectra I had R1-Y1 but it didnt power on. Have I done it right please help!!! Cheers Jo