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  1. It was free as it didn't work.
  2. Thanks Mintalkin, but can't seem to get it into diagnostic mode that way either. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can take it around south Liverpool?
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here, bought the car a few months ago, air con has never worked. When you turn on the air con, the air con light comes on, there is a boost in the amount of air coming through the vents but it is not cold. Took it down to kwik fit as they do a no fix no fee recharge. Guy said he charged it and there were no leaks, but he couldnt hear the compressor kicking in. Is there any diagnostic I can do to narrow down the problem or should I just get a 2nd hand comp and have a go?I've tried putting the system in to test mode by setting to 21, windscreen and auto, then pressing temp up and a/c together,then releasing and immediately pressing temp down, as stated on a few other articles I found, but doesn't work, just drops temp display 1/2 a degree on the last button press so not sure if there is a different combination of keys i need, it's a 2002 2.0 tdci ghia x. Any help greatly appreciated.